Modern China-SUV

Hangzhou (China), 20 October 2016

Geely, the Chinese parent company of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, has now created a new car brand, which goes by the name "Lynk & Co.". The Chinese already show a pragmatic "01" call SUV, also a first vehicle.

Not plagiarized

01 acts although at first glance like a wild mixture of Porsche Macan and a Kia with Volvo influences, the design seems however not to be copied. The look is modern and slightly wacky, fits so perfectly into the Division of currently so fashionable compact crossover and SUVs. Thanks to the cooperation with Volvo, the 01 on the same basis as the next XC40 will be likely but something bigger to be.

Modern cockpit

In the cockpit of the 01, Lynk & co. relies on a large central touch screen and a vehicle's own Internet connection with accompanying cloud. About this, it should be possible to give digital key to friends without having to pass the genuine key the SUV with its own. Also sharing is in the time in which the car is not used, so no problem. Lynk & co. also provides the function to unlock the car for postman or other service providers, deliver goods directly in the trunk in his vehicle as also Volvo.

Electrified engines

Drive side of 01 with electrified engines will come, either linked to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox or a manual gearbox with six gears. As three - and four-cylinder are conceivable, which become the plug-in hybrids by means of battery technology.

Various Wizard

Order to compete with the competition, the Chinese 01 pay for various security systems. Among other things, a collision detector, an emergency brake and pedestrian detection, a distance a trace leaving Warner in the new SUV are installed.

From 2017

Lynk & co. 01 come 2017 already on the European market. There's not a prize so far, it will be however exciting, how expensive or cheap the Chinese brand can produce the SUV. (mf)