Facelifted BMW X1 runs against the lamp

The current generation of BMW's X1 in 2015 to the world proposed, and behind the scenes, they are working on a facelift for BMW's opponent of cars such as the Volvo XC40, and Audi Q3.

It is the second time that BMW's updated X1 in camouflagekostuum pops up and also this time depends on whether the car is still pretty fanatical in the patches. We take stickerwerk where on the headlights, the taillights and, of course, on the bumpers. Expect not that every part that is taped is actually violently is refreshed. With the facelifted 2-series Active and Grand Tourer proved to BMW that it is also extremely subtle.

Back to the X1. The arrival of the X2 smallest X-model BMW gets a hexagonal-shaped lenses in the headlights, a grille which the 'kidney' meet in the middle meet, new classified taillights and sharper bumpers. In the interior is the infotainment system, very likely to tightened. What the engines are concerned, we expect no violent changes.