Volvo V60 T4

The Volvo V60 T4 is a combination of the middle class and to the driver's Mercedes-Benz C - Class or BMW 5-series thrill of buying a Volvo. Since November 2010, the Volvo V60 T4 is available in the auto market and wants to convince especially with a compelling safety equipment and the coupe-like design of the station wagon. Another innovative feature is the built-in collision warning of the windshield installed as standard City Safety system. Before an impact is caused by the security system on the brakes. Optionally available for the Volvo V60 T4, a radar sensor and pedestrians. Surcharge warns the Volvo V60 T4 from road users in the blind spot, the unintentional changing lanes or driver fatigue. Compared to its predecessor, the Volvo V60 T4 become much rounder, however, which is reflected in a reduced cargo space. Here then the 60/40 split rear seat back must be striving to achieve the maximum volume of 1,240 liters for larger shipments. The engine of the Volvo V60 T4 makes only a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder petrol engine 180 hp. Thus, the Volvo V60 T4 car is up to 209 km / h and average consumption is to be able to settle at 7.4 liters according to Volvo.