Piaggio Porter

Besides the production of scooters and after a trip to the small car sector (with the Piaggio 500), the Italian manufacturer Piaggio specialized transportation from the 50s on vans. These now also include the Piaggio Porter, who represents the four-model range, together with the Quargo. Basically, these are a chassis with cab and, depending on the model, various structures. The Piaggio Porter is in the models pick-up (flatbed), bus (mini - van), Tipper (Mini Dump Truck), box (vans), top deck (great leveler with high sidewalls) and Maxxi (long wheelbase truck with 1,100 kg Loading capacity) available. Piaggio Porter offers for the same three different engine concepts. So you can choose between a performance 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 64 hp, a 38 hp diesel and two electric motors with 9.2 or 10.5 kW. Than gasoline engines of the Porter is also available with four-wheel (4x4).