Elvis lives

Munich, 4 August 2016

700079 and 507: these are the two magic numbers for the true BMW fans. You mark the legendary Roadster (507) the Elvis Presley with those chassis number (70079) moved during his military service in Germany. It took almost two years to the motto risen for the car was "in ruins". On August 21, 2016, the BMW is the "King of rock ' n roll" on the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California for the first time complete restored shown.

A supercar for the music-King

Exactly so, how Elvis took him on December 20, 1958 in reception: In painting 'FederweiƟ', with 150 HP of strong aluminium V8, locking wheels and black and white interior, as well as a radio of the type "Becker Mexico '. Probably around none of 254 total copies of the then 26,500 DM (60 years ago the equivalent of a house) as many myths as to the Elvis coaches have grown up expensive BMW 507. He was long lost, open remaining, whether the King took him in the United States and wore what chassis number of 507.

There was a celebrity owner before Elvis

The history of number 70079 sounds almost like a detective story and begins on September 13, 1957. On this day, rolls of 507 by the band and shortly thereafter at the IAA in Frankfurt for press test drives used. Then the active for BMW driver Hans Stuck (the father of "Strietzel") takes over him at the time, gigs thus about European car exhibitions and shows the car the Belgian King Baudouin. Between May and August 1958, stucco WINS senior with the 507, Mark M JX 800, several mountain race. Close an interim revision of the engine and the car gets a change of gear in the fall of 1958, a dealer in Frankfurt. This leaves him the then 23-year old Elvis Presley, who buys him spontaneously. The Megastar is quite unusual for a young U.S. soldier, but Elvis already at this time in Germany per se.

Desert modifications of the 507

Also his mobile base to feel get: numerous admirers perpetuate with her lipstick on the white paint. So can Elvis not can of course see in the barracks and allows Red to paint the BMW. In March 1960, Presley's military service in Germany ends, he takes with him the 507. But just a few months later encountered the car at a Chrysler dealer in New York, who sold him to the radio host Tommy Charles. Charles wants to do with the 507 race and drives it with pretty wild: in the BMW, a Chevrolet engine, cut out parts of the front frame support for the moves. Also the gearbox, the rear axle and the instruments to be replaced. Two more changes of ownership play the 507 in 1968 finally to the aerospace engineer Jack Castor in everyday moved him first and then einmottet him for a faithful restoration.

Discovery in the pumpkin Hall

A few years ago, a journalist encounters Jack and his Special BMW, who awaits his fate in a pumpkin warehouse with several boxes full of parts. In the spring of 2014 Finally, the BMW Museum brings back the 507 in the home. Without engine and transmission. The elaborate restoration begins after a public presentation of the remains in the Museum. Alone a week takes the separation of the car. While the aluminum body was separated from the steel underbody. Both components were ENT despite. Although BMW took itself to the recovery of its own product, many parts had to be made newly. So they poured new dashboard, the leather was old patterns, while the window cranks and Porter were from the 3D printer. The non-existent 3.2-liter engine has been rebuilt from parts and therefore carries no motor number. Even the once distant front frame support had to be made. Painted the Elvis-507 60 years ago was to avoid the excess of brilliance of today's colors.

The new superstar of the BMW Museum

Elvis himself is can no longer sit the 507 at the wheel, who died in 1977. Also Jack Castor, who had had always the original condition of the BMW in mind, has been living since November 2014 no longer. Therefore, the premiere in Pebble Beach is dedicated to him. And what is the BMW 507 of the King? Munich will say "Priceless". To the classification: are 'Normal' top specimens of 507 approaching the two-million euro mark. The special Elvis bonus should be a multiple value. All too often, you will get number 70079 so not outside the BMW Museum to face. (rh)