Electric scooters for adults

Dresden, 3 may 2016

If you Jet soon adults on an electric scooter with wide tires through the city, you're not wondering: it's intent. The Start-Up company Scrooser from Dresden is behind the idea.

Impulse drive as a special feature

The company Scrooser (a mixed Word from "Scooter" and "Cruiser") was founded in 2011. Now comes the eponymous product on the market, most obviously scooters for adults. Actually works the "lifestyle vehicle" (as Scrooser) as the Idol from childhood days. It repels the foot and accelerated so the scooter. He recognizes the strength of the physical impulse exerted the driver when the sell-off accelerated accordingly An electric motor under the running Board located in the rear wheel a replaceable lithium-ion battery with 20 Ah capacity. At full charge, a range of up to 55 km is possible. The "refueling" takes up to 2.5 hours. A video by Scrooser shows that you must not constantly repel, a ride in the seats is possible, then the performance via a lever on the steering wheel is metered. The only sticking point: space for an extra person does not exist.

Not a cheap pleasure

The 48 kilograms and 1.75 metre Super roller in three engines offered: for the most powerful variant requires at least the A1 licence, insurance and must wear a helmet. It creates a tip of 25 km/h. There is also a version that can be run without the aforementioned additions on sidewalks. It has only the impulse drive and is 6 km/h fast. It is the fast variant of the 20 km/h for roads with impulse engines and throttle. Always included a glove box in the raised part of the deck, a steel cable lock and the lighting is. It can be started the Scrooser only with a digital key. The pleasure of the scooter is not cheap, the prices start at 4.490 euros. For comparison: the most E-bikes are much cheaper and the company offers electric scooters UNU (tip 45 km/h) off to 1,699 euros. (rh)