Icy risk from the truck roof

G├╝nzburg, October 6, 2015

With the coming cold season threatened by trucks again Danger: From planning and rooftops snow or ice sheets that threaten the traffic behind resolve. Bad accidents each year result. The legal situation is clear: The trucker must noisy road traffic regulations before driving his truck free of snow and ice. But time pressure and the problem is the truck to climb onto the high roof, let some drivers forget this duty well.

Quick Configure and build

Already now offer several rest areas and truck stops truck drivers the opportunity to reach the top tarp over fixed platforms. In the future it could be even more. A Bavarian company ?? the G├╝nzburger Steigtechnik GmbH ?? defrosters offers now also modular. Interestingly, they are not just for rest facilities, but also for depots and freight forwarders. Advantage: The equipment can be quickly to the needs of the operator to configure and install. The structures are made of aluminum profiles with a platform covering made of steel grating and a stable substructure. They are weather-resistant and maintenance-free, so they can remain composed throughout the year. Thus, they are also available in the summer, for example, for repairs to the truck tarpaulin.

Swiss Army has equipped fleet

The Company also has a mobile platform in the program ?? quasi a defroster "to go". The snow - proven Swiss Army has equipped already last winter its truck fleet with 140 of these carried along walkways aids. Practical: The scaffolding are movable thanks to four steerable wheels. According to the manufacturer, they can be quickly and safely without any tools to assemble and disassemble. For transport it can be stowed in a grid trolley and taken on the truck ?? a solution could be the accidents prevented by flying around the ice . ( hd )