Powerful US Truck Lego

Munich, 24. January 2018

You are a total Lego Fan and have a lot of free time? Then the new kit from the Technic is likely to be set just Right for you: 2.595 Share a fat US-Truck design, the Mack Anthem.

Detail, In Love With Ami

The authentically-designed model was developed together with the company, Mack and bears the Brand label with bulldog. Among other things, the driver leaves the cabin open. In it you can see the steering Wheel, the sun visors, adjustable seats and a bunk bed. Under the long bonnet is a six cylinder with moving Parts. The truck can be controlled, in addition, the stand can be lowered to the legs and the boom will be extended. As the highlight of a Mack-LR from the kit-garbage trucks make. It is recommended a minimum age of eleven years, the price is 150 Euro.

Simple Kits for children's fun

A new addition to the Lego Technic rally car Set for 100 euros, which follows, but no real role model is. Here is a recreated V6 in the rear. To beginners, the simply designed skiploaders for ten Euro and two vehicles with the beautiful name "Zack!" and "Boom up!". It is rather coarsely designed cars with big wheels and pull-back motor for carpet Action in the children's room. As a special feature the engine out of the car, flies in a collision. The price of both Sets are 20 Euro.(rh)