Test - Mercedes -Benz CLA 220 CDI Without Hat does well

Without Hat does well

Fashionable as a design outfit, but not necessarily convenient way to describe the CLA. There's also other opinions.

No, a hat does not fit here on the shelf. Whether this is intentional? Finally, the Mercedes-Benz CLA is not only the founder of the four-door coupe segment in the compact class. He will also, together with his donor, the front-wheel drive base A-Class, the proof that the brand already does not build more vehicles in which a hat lying on the shelf and a grandfather must sit behind the wheel. Although of course this buying public is cordially welcome. Better for the image are in a society but the youth sought by the young - dynamic successful.

The question: " Do we need such a thing, there is not only around 4,300 euros more to buy the C-Class, six inches longer and with more space in the rear " so do not arise. Where the A-Class knuffig, the CLA is an adult, where the C-Class-behaved, the Compact is sporty. For the fashionistas who like hip or Joachim Schmidt, Member of Mercedes-management, says, for "those who never wanted to drive a Mercedes " of at least 29 215 euros expensive CLA is made ​​.

© Mercedes-BenzSein appearance is a statement   And so his appearance is also just a statement. Crouching on the tarmac, optically aligned unmistakably to the larger CLS, strongly modeled on the flanks, with power domes on the hood, a steeply sloping roof which opens into the wide, wide stretched backwards rear ( particularly pretty acts the way with the panoramic roof for 1,118 euros ). Fashionable like a designer outfit - fittingly, Mercedes has officially presented the new star in February 2013 at the Fashion Week in Berlin for the first time.

And it's always like that with fashion: for some of the CLA is a feast for the eyes, traveling with him to harvest quite admiring glances from the target population ( and even by those who think they are ). For the other of the Compact is to be playful, not stylish, too trendy.

The look is not only due to the fashion, it contributes also to the good Cd value of 0.23, the Flutschfaktor turn contributes to reduced consumption. We drove the most powerful diesel 220 CDI, whose 2.1 - liter four-cylinder to burn according to the standard 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. An ambitious added value that the Compact in everyday life could not begin to hold - too much fun it is to call for the strong 125 kW/170 hp power unit. However: Even with careful driving endeavors flowed with us just under two liters more through the lines on the test bench.

In terms of fitness to travel the CLA shows the typical Mercedes-genes. Who is much down the highway for which the distance Distronic Plus cruise control worth ( 1,023 euros extra charge ). Despite frameless panes inside it is relatively quiet, and in particular the works there ( in this engine as standard, or 2,165 euros expensive) seven-speed double-clutch gearbox almost foresight well. In city traffic it switches sometimes a little unpredictable at Zippy Gasfuss - matter of habit. The sporty claim that the coupe promises from the outside, should keep the chassis for most customers' needs.

© Mercedes-BenzDie dashboard architecture of the A-Class with the round air vents in the CLA has lost none of its sophisticated charm   Thus, while it is called in various areas: "Form follows function ", has in other respects quite follow according to the fashionable concept, the function of the form. Thus, the transport leggy Fashion Week Graces is in the rear of the coupe a non-recommended thing. Let us begin with the Getting in, the quasi over the wheel of time is more of a rock climbing is an elegant seating due to the entry. Once arrived in the back seat would have catwalk beauties your head - like all the others, with more than 1.70 meters body length. Driver and front passenger sit on the standard, sporty seats with integral seat, however, more than comfortable and the instrument panel architecture of the A-Class with the round air vents in the CLA has lost none of its sophisticated charm.

The many cases with the different outfits in turn can be accommodated in 470 liters generously dimensioned luggage compartment of the CLA. Due to the pretty narrow but therefore also impractical trunk lid, however the porter may need to be steered slightly to fill the trunk through the opening hatch. After all, can if necessary the rear seats folded down.

Who will fill the luggage compartment with designer goods, so needs a corresponding purse - the same applies to the CLA. The nearly 38,500 euros basic price for the 220 ​​CDI back with a panoramic sunroof, cruise control distance, Bi-xenon headlamps ( 1,005 euros ), Command - multimedia system ( 3,487 Euro ) and other extras fast 50,000 to the brand.

This year it was at the Fashion Week in Berlin in January by the way - how could it be otherwise - again brand new trends. Metallic leather, layering and oblique slit dresses. Just as well that the fashion in the automotive world is not quite so short-lived. Because the hat is definitely out.

Specifications Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI

Four-door, 4 +1 seat coupe in the compact class Length: 4.63 meters Width: 1.78 meters (2.03 meters with exterior mirrors ), Height: 1.43, Wheelbase: 2.70 meters Boot capacity: 470 liters .     2.1 - liter diesel engine, 125 kW/170 hp, Torque: 350 Newton meters ( 1400-3400 U / min), 0-100 km / h in 8.2 seconds, Vmax: 230 km / h, fuel consumption: 4, 5 liters, CO2 emissions: 117 g / km test consumption: 6.4 to 8.4 liters   Price: 38466.75 € (base price CLA: 29 215 EUR )

You feel too young for a C - class and provide the highest standard of stunning design and driving pleasure - the Mercedes-Benz CLA might suit you well.