The Nissan Sunny is a sedan from the middle class, which is made in the fourth generation since 2011 and is located in the class of the VW Jetta, Ford Focus and Mazda6. The first generation of the Nissan Sunny ran from 1982 under the works designation B11 from the band, the second series (B12 or N13) followed in 1986 with kantigerem design and long bonnet. The third generation of the Nissan Sunny (N14) was made ​​in 1990, and was presented with more modern and more rounded shapes. During its production time the Nissan Sunny has received numerous gasoline - and diesel engines offered, the displacement ranged from 1.2 to 2.0 liters. The top model of the series formed the Sunny GTI-R with 221 hp 2.0 liter turbocharged engine. The Nissan Sunny was built as a sedan, wagon and coupe as the third generation by the year 1995. The successor of the Nissan Sunny was the Almera, which was replaced by the NISSAN QASHQAI 2007. Since 2011, the Nissan Sunny is a completely new face again available as cars and considered response to the Suzuki Kizashi.