The Nissan Cherry was sold from 1972 to 1987 in Germany under the name Datsun Cherry. He is a compact car and was offered in a variety of body styles. In the first-generation model, there was the Nissan Cherry as the three-and five-door and three-door coupe and station wagon. The model range has been streamlined (five-door hatchback, five-door wagon, coupe), the third generation in three body styles. In Japan, the cherry was henceforth NISSAN NISSAN Pulsar. From the last of the series sold in Europe Nissan Cherry it was only a three - and a five-door, the coupe was deleted. From this model, a derivative under the name Alfa Romeo Arna in Italy, in cooperation with FIAT, emerged. The successor of the Nissan Cherry is sold in Germany under the name of Nissan Sunny. A car like the Nissan Cherry as you will find cheap used car at this website.