The NISSAN 100 NX, NISSAN also provided with the internal designation B13, 1987 was the first time available in Germany. The Nissan 100 NX is based - as well as his successor, B14 (1991) - the small car Nissan Sunny N13 and N14 models. The coupe was first delivered as NISSAN NX 1.6 Targa with a 90 hp engine. Later, you have the choice to model the NISSAN 100 NX Targa GTI (143 hp) and finally to the Nissan 100 NX 1.6 SR - 102 hp and without targa roof - extended. The Targa roof of the coupe had a center bar - a so-called T-top Targa - and only partially mediated as a full convertible feeling. Production of the Nissan 100 NX is set in 1995. Special features of NISSAN 100 NX Coupe include getting used headlights. A successor for the Nissan 100 NX Coupe was not introduced in Germany. Interest in a low coupe ? Whether as a new vehicle, year or Used in this web site remain open no auto-wishes.