VW: That's the new Passat

Wolfsburg / Potsdam, July 3rd, 2014

The VW Passat is the most important car after the Gulf for the Wolfsburg-based brand. The Mittelklässler leads to not only its segment, but is currently available in Germany in second place of the top selling cars. Worldwide, the car was sold with the Wind Names, including all derivatives according to VW almost 22 million times. Since the bar for the brand-new eighth generation is naturally high. In November 2014, the new Passat will come to the dealers.

Flatter, wider, longer wheelbase

Sedan and wagon look much more dynamic than its predecessor, and thanks to new LED headlights and LED tail lights even at night. Contrary to the general trend in the automotive industry, the body was no longer, she even shrank by two millimeters. For this changed, thanks to the first use of the Passat modular transverse matrix ( MQB ), the proportions: the wheels walked toward the front end and rear end. For nearly eight inches more wheelbase emerged that significantly improve the space available inside. The Passat was 14 millimeters and 12 millimeters wider flatter, simultaneously lowered to the hood from the front window and sat further back. At VW, even now you can see the Passat as a frontier between the middle and upper middle class, so also as a rival of the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class.

Ten TSI and TDI engines

For the new Wolfsburg total of ten direct-injection turbo - Otto and diesel will be available to choose from, each of the motors makes his debut in the Passat used. All versions are equipped with a start-stop system plus recuperation. The dual-clutch gearbox DSG is also going to have? Depending on the engine or surcharge already from the factory. Absolute novelty is a plug-in hybrid, it will at least provide a system output of 211 hp strong and is 50 kilometers purely on electric power can.

Twin-turbo diesel with all-wheel and DSG

In the petrol supply with 125 hp starts, followed by a 150-hp TSI with active cylinder deactivation. The other levels are at 180, 220 and 280 hp. The diesel engine program starts with a 150-hp TDI, in addition, units with 190 and 240 hp are to be had. The latter can be an already water converge in the mouth, it is in fact the most powerful four-cylinder twin-turbo TDI VW. With this power plant, the sedan has a top speed of 240 km / h the Variant creates 238 km / h To get the high torque of 500 Newton meters to the road, this motor is always connected with the 4Motion all-wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG.

Three equipment and the R-Line

The manufacturer wants to bring the newcomers like the predecessor already in the three equipment versions Trendline, Comfortline and Highline on the market. For the sports enthusiasts among the customers it will once again be R-Line interior and exterior packages. Of particular interest is the abundance of new assistance systems and technical delicacy with which the Passat can be fitted. In addition to a head-up display also includes an app-based rear-seat entertainment system for tablet computers. In literally an eye-catcher is the Active Info Display: On this 12.3-inch monitor behind the steering wheel all the instruments are displayed purely virtual, as required display can show various information, such as the navigation map.

Emergency Assist and Trailer valets

To ensure the safety not only a front-Assist with city emergency braking function, including pedestrian detection, but also three entirely new helpers take care of. There are an "Emergency Assist", which stops the car in an emergency, a "Trailer Assist" helps when maneuvering with a trailer, and a traffic jam assistant that keeps track of the stop-and-go and followed by only the column. The above-mentioned LED headlights are also completely new and can be ordered in different stages of development. In step one, the all-LED lamps operate in reflector technology, stage two provides a projection technique with particularly bright illumination of the road, adaptive highway and motorway light and a dynamic cornering light function. The highest comfort provides the stage two in conjunction with a dynamic headlight Wizard. Here, the projection light is additionally controlled by a camera. It detects vehicles ahead and oncoming vehicles and can spread the rays that no one is blinded.

Still no price

Unfortunately, VW has yet to reveal the base price of the new Passat and not what costs the fine new technology at an additional cost. Since we will probably have to wait a little to us . (HD)