Volvo V90 cross country SUV in the combi suit

SUV in the combi suit

20 years ago, Volvo decided this year 90 years old, a new variant of the car, strapped a combination under a four-wheel drive, the body was a few centimetres of the cross country was higher and finished. First member of the formula of premium station wagon and off-road capability was two decades the V70 cross country. Now, the new V90 continues cross country tradition.

Cross country or translated cyclo-cross sounds at first like adventures and campfire. The way motorized Geländegänger experienced less adventure, but rather comfort and convenient facilities during his trip away from the roads. But even if snow and ice driving the brakes (or unintentionally speed up) four-wheel drive exerts its beneficial effect and keeps the track.

© VolvoVolvo V90 cross country. In traditional Volvo - winter test drive was the Cross-Country version of the V90 in the Center, and like his predecessors, also the latest addition in the 90s series sovereign did his tasks. While the design not at once reveals what talent is in the combination, because Volvo abandoned luckily martial side planking and other accessories, to highlight the Geländegänger of series.

The V90 differs visually by the higher ground clearance (21 cm), fender flares and a discreet lettering on the tail of the "civilian" models, cross country and also all engines are equipped with an effective and be unnoticed if necessary all-wheel drive switching to coupled. A special front fascia, a Underride Protection hint of front and rear, as well as fender flares are the other optical differences to the other models of the V90.

© VolvoVolvo V90 cross country. In the Interior, shows his elegant side of the cross country and stands out among other things by the standard leather equipment, including special stitching and real wood inlays from the rest of the series off. The driver looks at the clearly arranged instrument and registered the small number of switches. Conducted are the individual functions on a 9.2-inch screen, which works like a Tablet, and however unconvincing navigation is housed in the. Many services, such as for example "Park & pay", taking the payment in the parking garage next to the parking space search, can be controlled via the Infotainment System.

The chassis tuned towards comfort is responsible for a comfortable ride, and if you chose the option acoustic glass, the V90 inmates be spared from the mundane sounds of the outside world. The combination of damping and springs, mitigates the shortcomings of German infrastructure and is reflected in rapid cornering by his gentle side. Despite its generous dimensions, the cross country thanks to precise steering amazingly agile through narrow pass roads can be moved. For the security - in this area is Volvo traditional pioneer - provides a whole battery of assistants who now also help avoid collisions with large wild animals or the occupants in the event of an agreement by the road protects against injury. Up tempo 130, the V90 with pilot assist II rolls part autonomous, without having another vehicle driving ahead.

Like his predecessors, also the V90 is cross country no site specialist. But easy terrain off the paved roads is easy to ride through, and given a trailer load of maximum 2400 kilos the V90 is also ideal for heavy loads, if for example a horse must be obtained from the willow.

The cross country shares the platform with the XC90 and thus becomes a successful blend of classic station wagon and SUV. In the baggage compartment, spacious space conditions (560-1526 liters) are so also the one or the other shopping in the blue and yellow furniture store easily takes place. This close relationship with the XC90 is no coincidence, because "Customers of the cross country", so a Volvo spokesman, "are people who buy although not SUV, but want to experience the benefits of an SUV." This hide-and-seek game must be them then at least 56 350 euros worth.

Drive the Volvo engineers think gave two diesel engines and two gasoline direct-injection with two litres of each cross country capacity and a range of 140 kW / 190 HP at the entry-level diesel up to 235 kW / 320 HP at the top gasoline. More displacement and cylinder does not exist in the Sweden. With the base diesel engine, the two-ton all-wheel drive station wagon is already well on its way, but expect no excessive temper outbursts. In the fields after 150 km/h, the desire sometimes germinates after a little more thrust. As a tourer, the V90 shows the classic features of a generously equipped travel car cross country, and thanks to the well contoured seats climb even after longer distances recovered from the combined. (ampnet/ww)

Technical specifications Volvo V90 cross country D4 AWD

Length x width x height (m): 4,93 x 1.88 x 1.54 wheelbase (m): 2.94 motor: R4 diesel, 1991 CC, Turbo, direct injection power: 140 kW / 190 HP at 4250 RPM maximum torque: 400 nm at 1750–500 rpm speed: 210 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 8.8 sec ECE Durchschittsverbrauch: 5.2 liter efficiency class: A CO2 emissions: 138 g / km (Euro 5) empty weight / load : Max load min. 1954 kg / max 466 kg luggage capacity: 560-1526 l: 2400 kg turning circle: 9.6 m drag coefficient: 0.35 base price: 56 50 euro