Presentation Opel Insignia Grand sport premium is more than a Word

Premium is more than just a Word

Actually, Opel had adopted long ago by upper class limousines. But the new Opel Insignia Grand sport is only a few millimeters shorter than the old diplomat who was spoiled with V8 engine and veritablem luxury. According to confidently, Opel is at the launch of the new flagship from Rüsselsheim.

Even if the brand with the Flash as a chronically defaulted on in full and by General Motors to the French State group PSA will be deported, the quality of its cars in Europe is undisputed. The Opel Insignia of the first generation came even to worldwide fame, because as Chevrolet Malibu, he succeeded in the U.S. as Buick Regal in China and as the Holden Commodore in Australia. In Europe alone, he sold approximately 940 000 times.

© OpelOpel insignia Grand sport. The new Opel Insignia should cause a sensation once again this success in mind. First as a hatchback to launch on June 24, then as a combination called sports tourer, which recently accounted for the bulk of sales. Two petrol and two diesel engines in seven stages between 81 kW / 110 HP and 191 kW / 260 HP available for the drive. To an eight-speed automatic transmission variations ranging from a 6-speed manual. And so far is been not denied, that the athletic oriented customers on an OPC model with over 221 kW / 300 PS can look forward. The cheapest Insignia will be for 25 940 euros at dealerships.

According to Chief Designer Stefan Arndt has his team in the styling of the new flagship of the formal language of the Monza concept for inspiration, which was shown at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2013. To expansive hinged doors like the show car it was not natural enough, but the front part, a longer wheelbase (+ 92 mm) and shorter overhangs give an athletic appearance. An elegantly curved dashboard, a slightly raised center console and the new head-up display (for 955 euro extra charge) are the eye-catcher in the Interior.

© Axel F. BusseOpel insignia Grand sport. "Upper middle class" is the target segment, the measure by nearly 4.90 meters A6 would be enough for a competition to the business sedan like a 5 series BMW or Audi. But the presenters use the word "Premium" only when for example Marketing Manager Albrecht Schäfer says that one whose manufacturer "wanted kinda annoy and challenge". Designer Arndt, which "properly want to kick them in the butt" is less squeamish.

If it works with a 150-Horsepower gasoline engine as the base model drives him, must prove. The Opel Insignia has become easier according to Opel compared to the predecessor to up to 175 kg, so that fail the driving impressions with the manual switch quite passable. Some fatigue comes up only in the lower speed range, because the Turbo takes turns but 2000 to unfold its full torque of 250 Nm. Is he somewhat demanding and with frequent gear changes in the Taunus region driven by the sweeping, the consumption can screw gen nine litres. Minimal 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers are planned according to Prüfustand.

The chassis is of known quality, bumps away ironing clean, something like roll comes up only in sharp curves. The Steering provides good feedback and does not suffer from precision deficits even though the Steering assistance is substantial. Who's like to something more dynamic, rather immediately reaches for the top engine, which not only 191 kW / 260 HP generates, but it creates also 400 Newton metres on both axes. The four-wheel drive is standard and equipped with so-called torque vectoring, which takes advantage of speed differences between individual wheels for more stability. Because it doesn't bother need even more speed (2500 RPM) for full thrust, because under powerful soundscape is rapidly forward.

Also the drivers of two liter diesel engines rely on 400 Newton metres of torque, which provides them already from 1750 RPM. The output of 125 kW / 170 PS suggests that the possibilities of this even lighter in terms of an efficiency-oriented operation (according to EU standard 5.2 liters per 100 km) not fully exploited were diesel should represent the preferred engine for the sports tourer, which was last about 80 percent of the ordered insignia.

© OpelOpel insignia Grand sport. By the Japanese supplier Aisin delivered, very compact eight speed automatic transmission is subject to the two liter turbo gasoline engine. Who does not want to manual gear change in the diesel must content itself with a six speed automatic transmission. Premium does not want to be, but the comparison so don't be afraid, is for the Opel Insignia, connectivity and assistance systems to be updated.

The matrix light of the headlight has now 32 LED-elements (instead of so far 16) innovation is the equipment line series, but costs 1590 euro for all other versions. Lane and Einpark Assistant are available, the head-up display projects directly in the front window and does not require additional mirror. 360-degree camera and reversing Assistant provide security, the OnStar system has been supplemented with a Concierge Service (for example, for hotel reservations) and a parking Locator.

For the top gasoline engine, at least 41 500 euro are due for the strongest diesel 35 455 euro. As a sports tourer, the Opel Insignia costs more 1000 euros each. A newly created customization program called exclusive to fulfil even unusual customer requests. (ampnet/afb)

Technical data Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2.0 DIT 4 × 4

Length x width x height (m): 4.90 x 1.86 x 1.46 wheelbase (m): 2.83 motor: R4 Turbo petrol engine, direct injection, 1998 CC performance: 191 kW / 260 HP MAX torque: 400 nm at 2500 RPM maximum speed: 250 km/h acceleration 0-100 km/h: 7.3 seconds ECE average consumption: 8.6 litre emissions: 197 g / km empty weight/payload: 1649 kg / 596 kg luggage capacity: 490-1450 litres base price 43 035 euro