Buick Century

The name Buick Century in 1936 will use and not for established within the middle segment of the Buick vehicle fleet (between the Buick Special and Limited models). During the Second World War, the production of the Buick Century was discontinued. Only in 1955 the name appeared again on Century and described a new Buick model, both as a sedan and as a station wagon (station wagon) and as convertible (cabriolet) was available. In 1959, the name was reissued until 1974 reappeared as a Buick Century sedan and a coupe, but with a reduced power due to legal emission requirements engine. 1978 and 1982 brought more new models with the Buick Century name out, followed in 1986 Buick Century in a completely new design and new modern engines. 1999 Buick Century was declared as the new entry-level model. In 2005, the last time being Buick Century rolled off the line. The successor is named Buick La Crosse. You are looking for a bargain ? In this website you will find a huge selection of used cars at an affordable price.