Oldie Goldie is

Berlin, April 23, 2015

Nostalgia is trendy, even with car enthusiasts: More and more vehicles with H-plates populate German roads and garages. At the turn of 2014/15, 310,694 cars were registered with H-plates, issued from a vehicle age of 30 years. The road tax then drops to 191 euros a year, also we have free entrance to environmental zones. The H-stock thus rose year on year by 11.3 percent, as the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA ) on behalf of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ) has determined.

You buy German

Hardly surprising is the origin of most of the vintage: 205,657 vehicles were from German manufacturers, which corresponds to a share of 66.2 percent. Closely followed by the UK with 11.2 percent. Here, the value has dropped in recent years, probably because 1980-1985 not really desirable vintage cars came from England. Increased the proportion of US vintage cars, he now is 26,527 cars respectively 8.5 percent. One explanation for this may be the muscle car boom. The runners-up Italy, France, Sweden, Japan and Russia follow. Almost 2,000 vehicles from the former Soviet Union are a H-plates.

Star at the top

Most popular oldie brand is Mercedes, the Swabians are represented by seven model series in the top 15. At 75,344 vehicles with H-plates it, Mercedes, VW follows behind with 58,229 copies. The lion's share of the beetles doing here, but also the Gulf is slow in coming. VW Porsche rear rank, Ford, Opel and BMW. First non - German brand is Fiat with 9,123 cars that have an H-plates. However, this value must be treated with caution, because for many of the small 500 and 600, the H flag is not worth.

The Gulf is

The most common car with H flag is how far the VW Beetle, whose 30,676 copies are almost twice the runner-up. This is the Mercedes W 123 with 15,523 vehicles. Compared to last year the plus is with him 32.6 percent, because now the last model years of the 123ers get an H-plates. Because of the higher prices, more and more vehicles are also restored.

Classic car as an investment?

In general, there has been some " trend - type" make up that also come with anniversaries or media appearances targeted by investors. While now formed a growing scene lovers around the VW Golf ( plus 50.4 percent), the VW Bus is ( plus 36.2 percent ), the Porsche 911/912 ( plus 17.7 percent) or the Mercedes SL 107 series often become objects of speculation with crazy prices ( plus 13.8 percent). That there is down to earth, to show Opel Kadett and record. Here more H-plates were issued 17 to 20 percent. Matthias Wissmann, President of the VDA is not surprised by the vintage boom: " The fascination for vintage cars in Germany is great you are cultural assets that make lovers delight and often are also a good investment.. " (rh)