More transversely

Lommel ( Belgium ), October 30, 2015

Probably the most important thing in the new Ford Focus RS brings Tyrone Johnson, the Technical Director of the RS Project, unusually honest to the point: "We have Haldex all-wheel systems as they used the competition (mainly Audi RS 3, VW Golf R and Mercedes -AMG A45;. NDLR), looked at the whole thing and relatively quickly rejected I find them boring. ". Thud. And you know where the journey at Ford's hottest compact goes. Although we could not even drive (information from the steering wheel there until the end of January 2016), but also from the passenger seat was quickly determine: front-heavy, restrictive, somewhat plumper Compact Sport is what it is definitely not here. In other words, what all fun junkies want is available in abundance here. With still other words, the new Ford Focus RS drifts that even die-AMG disciples should respectfully salute. What a certain Mr. Block in various teaser videos produced to smoke and obscene angles, so is not a marketing fake. It really happened.

New Superb all-wheel

The main reason for this is the message erquickliche completely new four-wheel system that Ford uses for the first time and exclusively in the Focus RS. A similar system, there is according to Johnson in the Range Rover Evoque. However, it is constantly smoked in the first tests, which is why we quickly developed its own. Up to 70 percent of the force behind this move to the rear wheels. Since there is no lock forward, the drive shaft rotates at always full, which is pretty good for the response times of the system. Sits on the rear axle ?? clamped into an auxiliary frame from the Ford Kuga (do not fear, it is strongly modified) ?? the so-called "Rear Drive Unit" (RDU) the manufacturer GNK. It operates with two clutches (one left, one right), which can transfer a maximum of 70 percent of torque arriving back to 100 percent on one of the two rear wheels. Torque vectoring 2.0, if you will. This solution is much more expensive than a system with Haldex multi-plate clutch, the benefits are but obvious: Here is significantly more pushed than pulled. So you get the all-wheel traction Bonus, dreary understeer but replaced by a very witty, tail-heavy design.

Driving behavior? simply amazing

Even in normal mode (a total of RS has four modes) you could tell very well, how the heck assists in the curve to raise the line. But do not worry, the Focus RS looks in any way like a traction-free, self-indulgent auskeilendes disgust. Much more like a car, the reputable places in the curve and selbige leaves again with a lot of grip and forward thrust. That the chassis compared to the Focus ST was again stiffened considerably, is definitely noticeable. The Sport mode seasons steering, throttle response, sound and consorts a little in the direction of "hearty", properly designed but it is only in the driving program "Track", the adaptive dampers (yes, the RS has adaptive dampers) tightens to little compromise ready 40 percent and the ESP a shot of rum in the coffee tilts. In "Normal" and "Sport" springs of the new Focus RS absolutely neat (although the springs more than 30 percent stiffer than the ST, it is not as bockelig as his little brother) in "Track", it is however quite meaty. Johnson admits that some customers will find the Harte-guys-mode perhaps too strenuous, but he was really made for a very level rather racetracks. The good news is: The damper settings are independent of the rest adjustable with a button in the turn signal lever. Say: Full alarm engine, steering and Co. can be done without danger to the third set of teeth. Good thought along, Ford.

So cross than ever

Oh yes, the fourth driving program is the ominous drift mode. As social media Renner and dream of all young - Gymkhana Stars he has stirred up plenty of dust in advance. Here everything is technically possible somehow goes to the rear axle. Squeezed into a Recaro passenger bucket seat can say only: The two clutches do hard work and the Focus RS achieved forms of cross-unit, as I would not have kept at a four wheel drive vehicle possible. And we 're not talking about a small tail swing at corner exit, this car draws outrageous drift angle as a 500-horsepower rear-wheel drive on far too narrow rear tire. To be driven even without itself ( and God knows it was hard here just to sit next to it ), I daresay: In pure fun Comparison Audi RS 3 and the Mercedes A should look like 45, like a Kreisverwaltungsreferat next to a strip club. You know, a bit too seriously and significantly immovable.

Mustang engine completely revised

Before I sheer Overdriven - exuberance nor forget. Of course, the new Focus RS also has a motor. It is around the 2.3 - liter EcoBoost four-cylinder from the Ford Mustang. However, it has polished it for the RS to a high gloss. The new aluminum cylinder head is the work of Cosworth. For this purpose, almost 90 percent of the turbocharger are new, there are new liners, a larger intercooler, an optimized intake system and a completely new valve exhaust system, which can record a larger pipe diameter for themselves and completely do without center muffler. The result is 350 hp and 440 Newton meters ( in overboost it for about 15 seconds up to 470 Newton meters ) that make the well 1,530 kilos Focus RS up to 266 km / h and it takes just 4.7 seconds to 100 km / h transport.

Sometime with double clutch?

The latter value is to share the account of a Launch Control that the Focus RS with remarkable vehemence pushes forward. Development Chief Johnson tells me, with a dual-clutch transmission would probably 4.4 seconds have been possible, but we have decided against it for various reasons. Unwilling was not one of double clutch principle, however. Let's see if there's what.

The old man sounded better

The engine itself squeezed his power extremely evenly over the entire speed range outside. So smoothly that seem a bit depart him the exciting tips. He acts indisputably potent and very fast, but on the completely abstruse Punch of RS 3 and A 45, he does not come close. The same applies to the much-discussed sound, which is indeed quite listenable and from the Sport mode also babbles neat, pop-up, but compared to the legendary five-cylinder in the predecessor or the wrong Tröten competition from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt it lacks just a little of acoustic aura.

Steering is linear

Let me lose even a few words on the things that you can not really feel as copilot. The first is the steering, which operates differently from the variable steering Focus ST linear and probably a good corner was tuned direct ( RS-nose felt at least " next door " plentiful directly and greedily ). The others are the brakes, the score with Brembo fixed calipers and 350 - millimeter wafers. Ford has worked hard on the cooling and promises " at least 30 minutes tough racetrack in one piece". If you are very good, so this should be enough for about 3.8 laps Nordschleife.

The bargain

In this case, then the additional cost for significantly grippigeren Michelin Pilot Sport tires Cup2, the lighter a kilogram of forged wheels and the excellent Recaro bucket seats should expect. And this much is certain: Even if you do all these tick in the options list, the new Ford Focus RS remains an absolute snapper. For 39,000 euros, there should be hardly anything comparable. He looks good, he's fast, he drifts and it is affordable. Sounds like a pretty exciting combination. Now one would have allowed only drive him. That could be a long three months. ( sw )