German - French friendship

Berlin, July 16, 2014

An unusual sight: the thought of many car fans in 1998 when the first pictures of the Smart Fortwo. Similarly, it could also be from November 2014: Then the third generation comes to the dealers. And not just them, because after a long break, is again to the Fortwo Forfour a parallel with the rear doors to the side.

Penchant for extravagance

With " very striking " the new look of the "classical " Smart Fortwo is described quite aptly. He leaves the previous one-box design and gets grounds relating to pedestrian protection an indicated hood. In addition, large headlights and a larger grill. All together ensures the family resemblance to the new Forfour. Apparently we have learned from history, the first Forfour 2004 seemed to many fans as a foreign body in the model program.

Greetings from France

An open secret is the cost-cutting collaboration between Renault and Smart in the development. Therefore, the new Forfour is not only closely related to the upcoming Twingo, Renault parts can also be found in the interiors like door handles or the shift lever. Properly read, a shift lever. Unlike today, the Fortwo factory gets a five-speed manual transmission, optional there for him and his big brother a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with the cute name " Twinamic ".

Circle traffic

Let us turn to the hard facts: The still built in Alsace Smart Fortwo is 2.69 meters short. No wonder that's the unique selling point of this wee. The width increases by ten centimeters to 1.66 meters in order to create more space in the interior. Only minimal changes there are in height and wheelbase as the trunk grows from 220 to 260 liters. What will please fans: It remains at the lower tailgate. Particularly proud Smart is on the Tropic of Fortwo, which amounts to 6.95 meters from curb to curb.

Slovenian pals

When Smart Forfour, this value is still very good 8.65 meters, here helps the rear-engine concept. This connects the five-door with his French brother, the Renault Twingo. Both run into Slovenia from the band, but the Forfour 3.49 meters is ten inches shorter than the Frenchman. The width of the Smart located two inches forward. The height ( 1.55 meters) and wheelbase (2.49 meters ) correspond to the Twingo. Ins rear fit 185-975 liters, the passenger seat backrest is folded forward, the loading length is 2.22 meters. Said folding backrest is actually standard in both new Smarts.

New turbo petrol engine

The motors of the Smartie - doubles, there is a new addition: the 0.9-liter turbocharged three-cylinder 90 hp mobilized 135 Newton meters at 2,500 rpm and is from various Renault models known. Old Smart - known are the entry-level three-cylinder. The one-liter naturally aspirated engine makes 71 hp, the beginning of 2015, a 60-hp gasoline engine base is submitted later. Whether it will once again be a diesel and an electric variant is still open.

Finally, well-cushioned?

According to the developers, the driving behavior of the two rear engine models was designed gentle understeer. What long-suffering Fortwo driver will probably be even more glad, is the existence of a decent suspension. Front future there will be a McPherson suspension, including a significantly larger total travel. The De Dion axle was revised back in favor of more comfort. When compression of the new Smart to roll smoother than before over bumps. Those who still prefers harder, get An optional sports package suspension with ten millimeters lowering. Standard is in two new smart mechanical rack and pinion steering as an option is a direct steering with power assistance offered.

Safe on the highway

Who is the recent Smart Fortwo driven on the highway, knows its susceptibility to crosswinds. Therefore, a crosswind Wizard now comes standard on board. Above 80 km / h, targeted braking intervention is triggered in case of imminent track offset. Optionally, it is a distance warning function and a Lane Keeping Assist available. In very colorful when needed cockpit of both smarts flaunt depending on your money a leather multifunction steering wheel, a 3.5-inch Farbdisplpay in the instrument cluster or a touch screen on the center console.

Consistent Prices

Prices should start to Fortwo with 71 hp at below 11,000 euros, the Forfour will cost the same engine around 600 euros more. So far, the 71-horsepower Fortwo starts at 10,895 euros. Interesting is the price comparison of the Forfour with the new Renault Twingo. This starts with 70 hp at 9,590 euros, is so good 2,000 euros cheaper than the similarly conceived Smart.

Cruise control Factory

In future, the Fortwo five airbags as standard, on the passenger seat, there are Isofix for child seat installation. The series features two new smart models is otherwise manageable: Keyless Entry, a monochrome LCD display including trip computer and electric front windows ( the Forfour has only rear vent windows ). Known by Renault and Dacia is also featured as standard cruise control with limiter. Plenty of ways to let off steam in the Configurator, there are still Around 40 color combinations between the known body panels and the Tridion cell are possible, according to Smart . ( rh )