Electric Mittelklässler is to be produced from end of 2017

Los Angeles, April 1, 2016

In the style of Apple, so in a show with loud johlendem audience, Tesla Chief Elon Musk in Los Angeles presented the model 3. The new mid-range model with electric drive rounds off the range down. It should come in high volumes and at low prices in the market.

350 km range

The model 3 is to score especially for safety, value and reach. According to musk's should get five stars in the crash test, and driver assistance systems to avoid accidents. Five adults fit in the Interior with their luggage, even a 2.10 metre surfboard should have space, so the company's founder. The rear part of the sedan has a continuous glass roof. In less than six seconds the E-mobile allegedly accelerated to 100, so that the car would be about as fast as a BMW 330i or Opel Astra OPC. Optional all-wheel drive provides enough traction. With a range of about 350 kilometers, the new Tesla lies far beyond by providing the most current E-mobile. Series is the supercharging ability known model S and X. The necessary quick charging stations, there are currently 3,600, this number will double until end of 2017, predicts musk. In the same period, the number of sales offices is expected to increase currently 215 worldwide also on the double.

Around 30,000 euros

The base price will be$ 35,000, so just over 30,000 euros. Is produced from the end of 2017, where musk but smiling said he was "confident" that the production then begins because so far Tesla was rarely the announced dates. Together with the model S and model X, the annual production in Fremont in San Francisco to reach then 500,000 units. For the production of batteries Tesla has a "Gigafactory" built specifically, one of the largest factories at all. Thus, Tesla wants to establish more batteries than all other factories in the world together. Pre-order the car can already now, when the local Tesla store or online. It will be charged a booking fee of 1,000 euros. Over 115,000 cars had been pre-ordered in the last 24 hours alone, musk is announced.

The "secret master plan"

Musk also explained how it came to the model 3. Starting at the rising concentrations of CO2 and global warming, led musk on his "secret master plan" to speak, which would lead to an environmentally-friendly mobility. The Tesla Roadster was the first really good electric car, but it was expensive and there were only produced more could not produce at the time the company 500 pieces per year, so musk. The Roadster was a car for everyday use. So, the model followed S, with more practicality, lower prices and higher volumes. Since only one half of the market wanted a sedan, but the others decided Tesla a SUV, the development of the model X. The proceeds from the sale of model S and model X should now allow 3 the development of the model, so musk. Whether Tesla but has retracted profits since its inception in 2003 at all, is doubtful.

The competition is stronger

When the model starts S, it encounters the intensifying competition has also generally denser dealer networks. In the United States Chevrolet bolt to run 2017, followed by the identical Opel Ampera-e, which also will be in the next year in Germany on the market with 320 km range and a similar price, announces him as Tesla for the model 3. To do this, competitors such as the BMW i3 and the VW come e-golf. For the market success of all these electric cars, it should be decisive whether it introduces a buyer's bonus until that time in Germany. In the United States, a tax rebate in the amount of $7,500 applies, in addition to more benefits of the respective State. Also, it remains questionable if not ultimately the plug-in hybrid will have the nose front with its longer range and the quick refuelling at the pump. (sl)