Chevrolet Camaro: Facelift

Detroit (USA), 10. April 2018

A powerful Trio: For decades, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger are Cars very large numbers in the US Muscle. After recently Ford has groomed his Pony fresh, brings Chevy surgeon now the Camaro to the beauty.

New LED facial

However, it has not been gefuhrwerkt around when Camaro wild with the scalpel: to the Front there are narrower headlights that work well with LED technology, rear-rounded LED-lamps to the rear of some of its angular momentum. A new Styling of the front fascia to distinguish between the US-equipment LS/LT, RS and SS. Only the powerful Camaro ZL1, with 659 HP retains its previous face. New improved Infotainment with Seven - or Eight-inch touch screen and ten-speed automatic transmission for the 6.2-Liter V8 with 453 HP.

More fun with the 1LE

Typical for US-sports car special packages with a number-letter shortcuts. In the case of the Camaro, the 1LE package with a focus on the occasional track laps. So far, it was already for the V8, and ZL1 in the program, as well as for the US only offered six-cylinder 3.6-Liter displacement and 335 HP. Now, the two-liter turbo four-cylinder in the enjoyment. To the power of 275 PS and 400 Newton metres of torque, nothing will change, the power is transferred by manual six-speed circuit. Including a special "Track" mode and 20-inch wheels are also. Added to this is the so-called FE3 suspension with larger diameters of the front and rear stabilizers, a specially tuned dampers, stiffer rear Bushings, and universal joints in the rear tie rods, the stiffness increase.

He comes to Germany?

What time is the 2019er-Camaro comes to Germany, is not yet known. So far, the prices for the coupe start at Euro 40,400 for the two-liter Turbo with eight-speed automatic, the V8 is 47.400 Euro. Who wants to the Ami rather than the Cabriolet, is 48.000 Euro.(rh)