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After five years probation and time development of the American automobile manufacturer Dodge presented the 1970 Challenger sports car, which was built in the versions SE, RT (road track) and as a TA (Trans Am). In addition, the engine range of the Dodge Challenger covered a broad range, including the famous HEMI V8 engine, which was developed in collaboration with Chrysler and DeSoto. The year 1972 brought so many changes for the Dodge Challenger, primarily the introduction of a Challenger Rallye version. In 1973, only minor visual changes were made before the production of the 1974 Dodge Challenger was finally set. His last appearance was media attention the Dodge Challenger in the 2003 Hollywood movie 2Fast 2Furious. Due to the return to old values ​​Dodge Challenger 2006, a new study was presented, which will go into production thanks to the enthusiasm of the audience in 2007. All who wish to purchase a new or used car should look at this website. Here you will find both American sports cars like the Dodge Challenger, as new cars as well as used cars or years in all variants.

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