Automotive elite in Detroit German luxury powerlifting

German luxury powerlifting

Above all, the German manufacturers show at the Auto Show in Detroit sorts Automobiles jewels. Audi, BMW and Mercedes will present their gems.

The three German premium manufacturer Mercedes, Audi and BMW also compete at the North American International Auto Show ( NAIAS ) in Detroit to become the market leader in the upscale market segments. Volkswagen makes a hook on the past and especially by adult year in which expectations wurden.Die largely misses Mission is now: to regain connection. The American manufacturer reflect on their traditional values ​​and show mainly almost oversized pickups and other heavyweights. The German automotive elite, however, presents his interpretation demanding mobility in the center.

Once there was a show in Detroit, were presented at the most spectacular trials. Countless often photographed, disappeared the escapist fantasies avid designer after a short Fame celebration in the catacombs and best in automotive museums. That's history. What is now shown as a concept, is in the foreseeable future in the form of road-suited in fact to the dealer. So also the exciting subscribed Concept S - Class Coupé from Mercedes, which in its serial form from the beautiful but especially rich of this world can be ordered soon. Under the elegantly shaped sheet to a twin-turbo V8, which makes 330 kW / 449 hp, ensuring befitting dynamics hides.

[ wp_ad_camp_1 ] Apparently, Mercedes has made ​​to burn this year an explosion of new models and uses Detroit as the first stage for the new model rollout. After all, the brand with 312,000 units sold the US market leader in the luxury segment and is just ahead of BMW with 309,000 units sold (excluding mini ). In addition to the new C-Class, which will soon be produced in the US for the American market, the Stuttgart show in Detroit the provisional top model S 600, which is powered by a 385 kW / 523 hp twelve-cylinder. At the end follows the motto: " May it be a little more? " The prolonged S600 Maybach. For the sportier set clientele Mercedes rolls the GLA 45 AMG before.

BMW holds against it and attracts the sports map. To present the new M3 sedan Bayern her and the M4 coupe, in which a six-cylinder turbo ( 317 kW / 431 hp ) for sporty performance stands. A step deeper drives before the new two - Coupé, want to remember with the BMW at the 1966 presented the 02 - series. " This model has brought us back then on the road to success ," recalls a BMW spokesperson at the launch of the compact athlete, " and now we again show how we imagine dynamics in the compact class. " As BMW also cites Porsche with the revived 911 Targa the past.

However, include sports cars like the 911 now on the endangered species. "We are seeing a steady decline in this segment and have therefore the Allroad Shooting Brake rolled here as a plug-in hybrid to the stage ," said an Audi spokesperson. At first glance the study as a compact crossover X1 à la but in fact it is up to the B - pillar the next TT, which will be presented in Geneva in its final form acts. In the model, elements connect from the SUV and sports car range and allow a whole new segment for customers arise, the emphasis on sportier handling, but at the same time requires a higher seating position and room for two golf bags. With about 150,000 sales Audi is the German luxury trio in third place. A significant upturn promise the Ingolstadt from the A3 series and the new S8, which will also soon ancestors in the United States now fully offered.

[Wp_ad_camp_1] While Audi, BMW and Mercedes are on the road in the US in the fast lane, Volkswagen has significant problems to keep up and to fulfill its own expectations. Although the Wolfsburg are with the diesel models rather successfully, it fails at the same time in the other segments of solid volumes. And it is likely to change any time soon, because the much needed mid-size SUV comes in two years and the new products shown in Detroit (E-and R-Golf, Passat BlueMotion) are hardly guarantee skyrocketing numbers in the US market. As BMW and Porsche also cites Volkswagen the past and recalls the Beetle Dune to the days when California hobbyist on beetle-base tinkered their adventurous buggies. Whether the model but actually goes into production and will take care of emotions in the VW model range or is linked to the history of the past believed Detroit car show, has not been decided.