A sport tricycle with the genes of a duck

Aachen, 13 may 2016

When a motorcycle rider talks about his new "cellar men", he means no heating installers or Mason, but the Blinker on his bike. The direction indicator lamps of the Aachen-based company are known for their attractive design. Now they beautify a retro sports car once the new Pembleton Super Sport.

On the basis of the duck

The Super Sport with its three wheels on the first sight reminiscent of the Morgan Threewheeler. However, while this one has a V2-engine of the American motorcycle brand S & S cycle and a five-speed transmission by Mazda, the Super Sport is based on the good old "Duck". As far as possible, Pembleton used parts of the Citroën 2CV the guaranteed low cost and high reliability. The two-cylinder Boxer of French legend but not necessarily as a motor. Instead, engines can be fitted by Moto Guzzi and BMW.

Power to weight ratio as at the Corvette Stingray

To the recipe of the Super Sport is like at the Threewheeler low weight. But while the Morgan weighing 550 kilos, even weight from 300 kilos are possible with the super sports. The low mass is made possible by the construction: A space frame made of steel will be clad with aluminum parts. So, power weights arise according to Pembleton from 120 up to 300 HP per ton. Move to the maximum of 300 Horsepower-per-ton Corvette StingRay also cars like Chevrolet or Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 S, approximately four seconds need 100 for the standard Sprint pace much slower should not be so super sport. Thus, he would be much more nimble as the Threewheeler taking its 82 HP around six seconds.

A 2CV as a donor

The British Pembleton motor company from Bayston offers sports car kits for the super sports since 1999. Already over 500 of them were by Phil Gregory and his team produced, for a small manufacture a perfectly respectable number. To build a Super Sport, a Citroën 2CV as 'Donor vehicle' is required. The customer must obtain and the like even some parts like footboard, carburetor. And then he needs yet the kit by Pembleton. For the Super Sport, the latter costs 995 British pound, nearly 1,300 euros. In addition to the three-wheel Super Sport versions with long and short wheelbase, there is also a four-wheeled Brooklands to the kit price of 1,195 pounds (around 1,500 euros).

Classic meets high-tech

Since the entry of Pembleton - Junior Chef Guy Gregory Pembleton wants to produce apparently completely the Super Sport. Prices to not can be found on the Pembleton Web site but still. Maybe Gregory still looking for the final concept? In any case, high quality parts with a chic retro look are important to him. He opted for indicators of the type of bullet 1000 extreme (front) and bullet 1000 DF (rear). And since we are finally back in the "cellar men", because both turn signals come from the Aachen-based indicator specialists. "Of course the production of high-quality indicators for motorcycles remains our core business", says Kellermann-chef Guido Kellermann. "However the project with Pembleton adapted wonderfully to our philosophy 'Classic meets high tech'." (sl)