75 years Jeep 4 × 4 for rough terrain

4 × 4 for rough terrain

On June 5, 1941, not only the chapter of a remarkable cars began in the history of the automobile. The day when the first Jeep from the band rolled into America marked a new era and the beginning of one vehicle species that today more than any other to shape the image on the streets. Jeep, now a brand of the Fiat-Chrysler Group, founded the class of off-road vehicles, today new German: SUV, sports of utility vehicles. With 18 million vehicles and 1.2 million current annual production, Jeep is the most successful all wheel brand in the world. Reason enough to celebrate the 75th birthday: with special models, spectacular studies and events.

"War is the father of all things", the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is stated about 2500 years ago. This statement applies to the SUV more than for any other vehicle. In the first world war, an important role had come to the then fledgling automotive. To be able to promote the possibilities with cars and trucks people and material in huge quantities at each point of the war events, fundamentally changed warfare.

America after the first world war had pulled back from the political world stage. Militarily, the then largest economy was a dwarf. The army stood at the 17th place in the world. Still behind by Portugal. In the late thirties, the realization that the United States out of the growing tensions in Europe, which contributed to clearly on a great war, could not permanently out keep matured however. In those years, T-models fulfilled the main tasks of the transport by Ford and motorcycles with sidecar Harley-Davidson. Thus, a specialized vehicle had to produce quickly. The project accelerated the successes of the German army in the "Blitzkrieg", thanks to its high degree of Motorisation, outright panic.

The Department of Defense sent on 11 July 1940 a specification to all then 135 active car manufacturers of the country: wheelbase 80 inches (2032 mm) gauge 47 inch (1194 mm), capacity: three fully equipped soldiers, 115 nm maximum torque of the engine. The car had also finished assembled or in essential components in a standard box. Therefore the windscreen with a real Jeep can still forward fold down. The tender had a significant catch: applicants to the Government order had only 49 days time to make a prototype on the wheels and continue to build 75 days to 70 test vehicles. Precisely, of active only between 1937 and 1941 small car manufacturer American Bantam car company, which produced a total of only 20 000 vehicles in its brief history, bracing the challenge as the sole manufacturer.

He had presented the September 1940 BRC (Bantam reconnaissance car), nicknamed 'Blitz Buggy' tyres the planners of the army the knowledge, that not the fastest provider could come to train, because Bantam never had the opportunities, to produce large quantities. Finally, the choice between the "quad" of the manufacturer of Willys-overland and the "pygmy" by Ford should fall.

Willys prevailed eventually. The name Jeep numerous legends are told. "Jeeps" was already in the American civil war between 1861 and 1865 which could be called for young inexperienced recruits who only turns training into full-fledged soldiers. Thus, the jeep was a car that was only this through an appropriate concept. Name came on the character "Eugene the Jeep" from the then immensely popular cartoon "Popeye" seafarer's in question. However, the colloquial pronunciation of the letters "GP", which stood for "General purpose", i.e. for "Widely used" is likely. Already in 1941, the manufacturer delivered 8598 jeeps to the army.

60 HP from a petrol engine with Zweil-liter four-cylinder and its all-wheel drive, the jeep in the truest word was a triumph. Until the war, Willys delivered 359 851 units. Ford contributed more 270 000 copies. Only on the edge: when the Imperial Japanese army in 1941 occupied the Philippines, one of the 2500 Bantam built fell off her jeep in the hands. The military authorities handed over the booty Toyota to develop a similar car with the proviso and build. The prototype was given the name Yon-Shiki Kogata Kamatsu-Sha ("compact van of 2604. imperial dynasty') by the Japanese army, never went into series production, Toyota for developing served but the land cruiser in 1953.

The good experiences that had collected millions of GIs on all theaters of war, Center of the 1940s gave life to a growing demand after a civilian offshoot of the Jeep. The first CJ prototype at Willys of the band rolled out on 17 July 1945. "CJ" stood for "civilian Jeep". The CJ with an improved drive train, more space and comfort was allowed to compete without the strict weight requirements of the army. The first CJ prototype cost 1090 dollars. The career of the CJ ended only in 1986 with the CJ9. The revolutionary concept of the Willys Jeep station wagon began in 1946 the international career of the SUV. The car combined a four-wheel drive with the transport assets of a station wagon. The manufacturer relive a chequered career with numerous sales to jeep 1987 Chrysler docked.

Since 1987 is the Wrangler named of the pants. Other highlights were the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, which had its premiere in 1993. by 2015, the manufacturer with 1.2 million new cars celebrated the most successful year in its history. Although the competition at the all-terrain vehicles to overlook practically little more. No manufacturer can afford today to skip the always still rapidly growing class of SUV. With four current series, Jeep is diversified. Attractive, luxuriously furnished special models with the label "75th anniversary" to awaken more interest.

The compact class represents the renegade developed jointly with Fiat against competitors such as the Opel mocha. It ranks in the class of the VW Tiguan of the rustic Wrangler, Cherokee either fabric hood with two wheelbases available, a unique position is after the end of production of the Land Rover Defender, while the Grand Cherokee brand in the world by range Rover, Mercedes-benz G-class of BMW represents 6 X.

Last but not least thanks to his pioneering work 75 years ago, Jeep can rely on a long tradition, which provides invaluable assistance in terms of image. The superior four-wheel-drive technology has enabled a worldwide fanbase, which meets regularly to camps, competitions and joint events. The more active "Jeep Camp" is in Europe attracts thousands of fans every year. The anniversary camp took place this weekend in Spain.

If entanglement, ground clearance, waders and climbing ability, special constructions make split incredible overcome verwegendster obstacles. Who not only stretched the term 'Cult' as a brand, but really satisfied with life, may also play. Traditionally, the team of Chief Designer Klaus Busse ensures a not thrilling series of spectacular trials. As recently as the Jeep Trailcat. Diameter and the 6.2 litre supercharged V8 from the Dodge Hellcat with 707 HP to each other may find a minimal body on the grill clean for 75 years with seven slots with tires of 39 inches. When the chronicler, then even on the leather steering wheel may turn and accelerate the monster roared in like a Ferrari, he has suddenly realized how Jeep could be the number 1 under the all-wheel drive. (ampnet/tl)