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The American Jeep brand stands for sport utility vehicles that bring the driver by heavy vehicle traffic areas with ease to its target. Such a vehicle is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is produced since 1993. The first series of this SUV was produced under the name Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ and 1998, the second series, named WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee used cars by 2004. At the beginning of the new millennium saw the Jeep engineers that the need has fallen after big off-road vehicles to customers. Instead, the desire grew to large vehicles for the city and the highway. To be able to assert themselves in the new market of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) against the European competition of BMW X5, VW Tiguan and Audi Q7, which the American company Chrysler owned companies Jeep 2010 presented as the fourth generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3 petrol engines and one diesel engine : base engine is a 3.6-liter V6 with 280 hp, further passes a 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Care about the first model in 2013, the engines were overhauled in addition to optical updates. New is the Eco - Fashion for the Grand Cherokee, which triggers various fuel-saving technologies by pressing a button to which the 5.7-liter V8 is a temporary cylinder deactivation. Untouched, however, remained the SP 471 strong 6.6-liter HEMI petrol engine. With just 14.5 to 16.5 liters, the Grand Cherokee verkonsumiert on average, is in striking distance of the SUV from Mercedes-Benz GL-Class or Porsche Cayenne. The main focus has always put the Jeep Grand Cherokee on the values ​​of luxury and performance without the off-road capability of the vehicle to reduce what is provided in the model generation in 2013 demonstrated.

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m.bool 2014-01-28

I bought Grand Cherokee new in November. Long chose but calmed down after purchase! Today I'v already droven 1200 km and lets take the first positive conclusions! Machine like almost everything! Multimedia center is useful and easy! It works! It read all! Even IPhone plays music without problems mode IPode! C SD card reads all too! In IPhone reading notebook with contacts which is very convenient! Excellent noise isolation! Skeptics ask you to pay attention to the double glass doors that previously have not met on the same machine. Empty steering noticed, operated Jeep Grand Cherokee nice and stress-free! Speed ​​is not felt. 180-190 is easy and stable transmission switches smoothly, and in eco mode, trying to go to a higher but everything happens smoothly and diesel power with enough headroom. The adjustment range of the seat and steering sufficient back does not hurt as earlier Nissan Pastfinder. Love that the tailgate can not only open and close with the remote button but have mirrors that convenient! You can configure it automatically included when you start heating the driver's seat and steering wheel. Generally the range is very extensive hardware settings! You only need to deal with the settings that does not cause any problems! Among the shortcomings until nothing but .... a subjective feeling that perestavki maneuver at speeds exceeding 120 km/h do not safe! But this is subjective! Tried once and at a speed of 140 while overtaking that seemed very sharp heels! Is not checked as it snowed! Wait for spring when the asphalt! Flow tested in mixed mode circuit - city - city highway at a speed of 130-150 km/h at a distance of about 300 km on average 10.1 turned on trip computer. While all experiences! Good luck to everyone on the road and make the right choice of the car!

i love cherokee 2014-01-28

I have a Grand Cherokee 5.2 liter '96. It's good car 90s and to this day many are choosing this machine. Many complain about the high fuel use, often compared with new cars which are less fuel and more horsepower, while forgetting that the machine 90s, and not new. Control the car is good, suspension is good enough. Plus this machine very much in use is not expensive, the availability of spare parts pleases. But what would have been his car take years and in the operation of the machine, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary problems with it.

al.ex. 2014-04-05

Bought this car in the 31ht of December, 2013th. Release 2012'th. Modification Limited. Prior to this, a lot of which machines ridden. To say that this "flying brick" better than say Taureg or Discovery I can't. It has its own pros and cons. They can not be compared, they are quite different. Until Teal rode Taureg 3.0 diesel, pneumatic, Cherokee hasn't pneumatics. But not much difference. The fact that SES Grand Cherokee 5 step "automatic" is not annoying at all. Discovery 3 was a few years ago. Sold with mileage 100 thousand km, but only because the needed more money in one lump sum at once. Teal looked updated (restyled) - difference between the real and technically valid only in automatic transmission, from 8 th restaylin stupas. Automatic transmission. 241 hp for it is not enough (my opinion), you need upgrade. Now I have 300 horses in it. Consumption has not changed, but the dynamics become quite different.

wensent.breel 2015-08-25

You know that "United States auto safety regulators are investigating complaints that some newer Jeeps can roll away unexpectedly after they are put in park. The inquiry covers 408,000 Grand Cherokees from the 2014 and 2015 model years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received 14 complaints, including reports of five crashes and three injuries. Investigators will determine how often the problem happens, how many vehicles it affects and whether to deem it a safety problem before deciding on a recall."
Grand Cherokee again shows us that it still is poor reliability. People are buying only for power.

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