ACE and GTÜ have tested eight electric coolers

Stuttgart, May 23, 2017

In the summer months, cool boxes are in the car useful helpers. Not only to travel but also in the everyday shopping. While the trend are clearly away from boxes, which are operated by means of previously frozen cold packs, and to devices that electrically work. But what use are the coolers of mains operated in everyday life and which provide the most benefit? Due to these issues, the automotive Club ACE with the GTÜ took now eight examples scrutinized. And the winner of the comparison test is a real surprise.

The temperature measurements in detail

Seven boxes at prices between 48 and 90 euros, as well as one for less than 200 euros were part of the game. All coolers had to pass the same test cycle to check the cooling. In a 12-volt voltage was applied. Then, an outside temperature was simulated in a climate Chamber of first 24 (for 4 hours) and then 46 degrees of Celsius (for six hours). It has interrupted the power supply then observed the insulating effect to 24 degrees of Celsius (for two hours). While the temperatures in the cooling compartment were always measured.

The other test criteria

What also came to fruition? The stability was checked at a drop test from a height of 80 centimeters, power consumption was measured and examined on a Tiefenendladeschutz for the car battery and the equipment. In addition, ACE and GTÜ have taken the boxes when it comes to securing scrutinized and checked whether it is possible to still operate at 230 volts and if the boxes have a keep warm function.

The test results

Now the surprise: the lowest-priced product emerged as the clear winner, followed by the box with the highest purchase price, the Dometic TropiCool TCX 21, which was classified by the testers also as "highly recommended" Mobicool T26 AC excellent with "highly recommended" / DC. On the other courses with each "recommended" the power box plus by Campingaz, the KB 2922 by Severin, the DC/AC U30 Fritz Berger, and the electric were cool E26 Ezetil metres. The courts seven and eight with each "conditionally recommended" occupied the KK29 of AEG and the KB3537 by Clatronic. See the detailed test results of the individual boxes in the image gallery. (ml)