Super - powered car with 1,000 horsepower hybrid

Woking ( UK), January 19, 2015

On the 85th Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) has come and the production-ready model of the McLaren P1 GTR premiere. The designed for use in racing vehicle has already completed thousands of kilometers of testing in various places in Europe and a test program in extreme heat of Bahrain and Qatar. Until the premiere date but will continue honing their performance, aerodynamics, driving dynamics and handling balance.

Improved power to weight ratio

With progresses, development program is already clear, according to McLaren that the P1 GTR will be the fastest car with McLaren logo. By weight-saving measures and track optimization, the power to weight ratio should be more than 700 hp per ton. The hybrid powertrain consists of a 3.8-liter V8 and an electric motor developing together around 1,000 hp. And in the street version? There PS 623 must be sufficient to move a ton of series-P1. Even the meet but to accelerate the P1 street legal in 16.5 seconds to 300 km / h.

As of June 2015 for regular customers

Although all car buyers should really be familiar with the P1 ( you can only buy a GTR, if you already have one of 375 regular P1 ), it will invariably a 1: 1 driver training for the super - cars, which premiere before the will begin in March. As of June 2015, the production of P1 GTR start. Just when the last street legal P1 comes off the production. Cost point? 2.5 million euros. Without the necessary acquisition price of P1 normal course. (ml)