Last minute trees? Caution!

Munich, 20 December 2016

Four days before Christmas Eve you can probably no longer bear gift tips. Therefore, we now have a slightly different last-minute guide for you. If you have namely still no Christmas tree at home, there are a few important points to note during transport.

Preparation is important

The right preparation is very important for transporting Tannenbaum. Is your trunk large enough for the conifer? Good. Then you can save yourself a roof rack. Otherwise, this should be mounted in any case. Please carry no tree directly on the roof. Your varnish will thank you. The sufficient supply with straps is also enormously important neatly lashing the tree in the trunk or on the luggage carrier. Simple Expander or even ropes are not to be used. Even a "small" tree can develop unexpected powers in an accident.

The correct attachment

It is also to note that the top of the tree does not show in the direction so that the wind can demolish any branches that would hit perhaps the following vehicles for mounting on the roof. Should the tribe reside more than 1 metre above the vehicle, the end must be marked with a red flag. It is still dark, a red light will be necessary. In General, excess lengths are allowed only up to 1.5 meters.

Rules are important

All of this sounds like much bureaucracy for a simple tree transport, but just at Christmas time, it is nevertheless desirable that all special arrangements run without errors. And now: happy holidays! (mf)