ADAC examined the tire storage Service

Munich, 30. October 2017

The prices for the storage of four tires with rims, are just as varied as the services included. The price research of the automotive clubs ADAC in each of the ten tire dealers and garages in 30 German cities. Only slightly more than half offered these services without any further additives. In the case of all other included the prices also re-patching, Balancing or the wheels of Laundry, which creates numerous combination possibilities.

From 10 to 86 Euro for the storage

In Germany the price was enough margin between the 161 providers of 10 euros in Magdeburg to 86 euros in Nuremberg (pure storage of tires and rims for a season, without the need for additional services). Even within the cities, the prices were often far. Only in Frankfurt am Main they were homogeneous, with a margin of slightly more than two percent. Huge, however, the differences in Karlsruhe (245 percent), Magdeburg (240 percent) and Wiesbaden (233 percent).

Chemnitz: a complete service for 39 Euro

A complete package with storage, repositioning, Balancing, and Laundry, there were 52 companies. At the cheapest it has been in Chemnitz for 39 Euro. However, the prices are screwed, and there is also most clearly to the above, namely 80 Euro. The slightest difference there was in Düsseldorf with prices between 93 and 94,95 Euro.

Special actions to change time

A price comparison is worthwhile. In the process, motorists should ask for additional services and package prices. Since many vendors use the storage of tires for customer loyalty, it is in the first season sometimes for free. In addition, there are exchange time often special promotions. The ADAC advises to check the tire at the time of Handover, together with the specialist staff, a Protocol with the main data, and the condition and taking photos. You should also clarify who is liable in case of loss or damage to the tire, and whether insurance is included in the price.(sl)