Geneva 2017: Super sports car from China missile range extender

Missiles range extender

Techrules, a young research and development company in the automotive sector with headquarters in Beijing, debuts with the final production design of its first hybrid Super sports car at the Geneva Auto Show 2017 (public days: 9-19.3.2017). With the ren, the company introduces its first retro vehicle and thus presents the exceptional technology concept "Turbine Recharging Electric Vehicle" (TREV).

The renowned car designer Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro have the modular three-cockpit concept (GFG style) designed. A striking appearance is ensured through the roof in the style of a fighter jet cockpit, which is raised for the entry of the occupants, and futuristic elements such as laser headlights and LED taillights with 'Star Burst'-optics.

In traditional Chinese culture, "Ren" is the very first of the five virtues, who regard all Chinese from birth as their contribution to society. "Ren" stands for humanity and goodness. The sports car then named has a lightweight chassis designed by the Motorsport specialists L.M. Gianetti in Turin.. The modular layout allows you to configure the car with one, two or three polycarbonate pulpits: one for racing with drivers, two in the "Le Mans" configuration with driver and passenger or three to record driver and two passengers. Ren is the world's first production supercar with electric drive and the TREV system that was shown a year ago in Geneva. The flagship version - with a battery capacity of 25 kWh and a maximum capacity of 960 provides two engines front and four engines in the rear - kW / 1303 PS with a range of 1170 km from 80 litres of diesel fuel. The target range with pure electric drive is 200 kilometers.

None of the surfaces is formed solely for stylistic considerations, all the lines in the course of the surface have an aerodynamic purpose. At the rear are also the turbines – one, two, or three, depending on vehicle model - exhibited under the polycarbonate shell. The turbine exhaust gases escape through large, futuristic-looking vents in the rear – these are bordered by LED reversing, creating a vibrant "Starburst" effect.

In contrast to many earlier developed turbine drive systems, there are no direct electrical supply from the generator to the motor in normal operation. The turbine can be used to drive the vehicle only if exhausted battery. The drive consists of two, four or six liquid-cooled axial flow electric motors. These machines known as "Pancake motors" have a large diameter in proportion to its length. They are ideal for use in the, because the engines develop flat against the inside of the carbon fiber underbody, where space is extremely tight.

The configuration with two engines and rear-wheel drive has a motor for each rear wheel. A four-engined configuration power to all four wheels. The strongest configuration with six engines has two motors for each wheel and each one for each wheel. The engines driving each wheel via a reduction gear designed specifically for the vehicle (1: 3.3) in each side wall.

The production of ren 2018 launch, where orders are already accepted. A limited run of 96 race versions will be built in Italy by hand, for this is a production volume of ten vehicles per year. (ampnet/SM)