The Nissan LEAF is a compact car, which is powered solely by an electric motor and since 2010 is available at the dealership. In the course of zero-emission mobility, Nissan LEAF is designed as a pure electric vehicle and is a special kind of cheap traveling by automobile. Unlike Honda Insight or Toyota Prius, which build on the hybrid drive, the Nissan LEAF is equipped with an electric motor which is powered by lithium-ion battery packs from the subsoil. The electric motor of the Nissan LEAF develops 80 kW, ie almost 109 hp and from the state a torque of 280 Nm. The top speed is 145 km / h The scope of the Nissan LEAF enough on a single charge for good 175 km, which is easy enough to commute to work or for shopping. The full charge of the batteries in Nissan LEAF takes on a 220 volt outlet about 8 hours, but are also quick charge capacity of 80% charge in 30 minutes away, even if it has to go fast. For efficient power consumption of the Nissan LEAF all lights are equipped with LED technology. Since 2013, the face-lifted Nissan LEAF is delivered. By various modifications of electricity consumption, the range of the electric car rises to up to 200 km with the same performance. Also, the body and the interior of the small car has been optimized. In addition, the Nissan LEAF is constantly connected to a data center, for example, that indicates charging stations or in the event of a breakdown, to ensure the localization of the vehicle quickly.