With the BMW X6, the Bavarian Motor Works will present a new type of vehicle called Sports Activity Coupé (SAC). The launch of the BMW X6 in the United States was conducted in April 2008 and takes to compete with the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Porsche Cayenne. BMW offers five engines, three petrol and three diesel. The top model among the petrol engines, the BMW X6 M owes its impressive power of 555 hp V8 biturbo engine with a 4.4 liter displacement. The torque of the eight-cylinder engine is an impressive 680 Nm, top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / hr. Who the M Drivers Package is ordered, the SUV is also 275 km / h speed. The average consumption of the BMW X6 M is 13.9 liters of Super per 100 km. In addition to the M-power plant, the "smaller" versions of the BMW X6 can be ordered. The X6 xDrive35i has a 306-horsepower inline six-cylinder, which has a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The BMW X6 xDrive35i is the top speed 10 km / h slower than the bigger brother X6 xDrive 50i, but consumes an average of just 10.9 liters of Super per 100 km. Those who value an even lower consumption must fall into one of three X6 diesel models: the BMW X6 xDrive35d and the BMW xDrive30d. The former makes 286 hp, has a top speed of 236 km / h, consumes an average of about 9.2 liters of diesel per 100 km. Is the smaller more economical diesel: the 235 hp strong BMW xDrive30d. Its consumption is about 8.2 liters of diesel per 100 km. The BMW X6 M50d complete with sporty 381 hp diesel SUV's since the spring of 2012. Also parallel flowed a slight facelift to the BMW X6, the LED lights included a redesigned BMW kidney and optical retouching. All BMW X6 models come equipped with the new Dynamic Control System (DCS), the "unique agility, traction and directional stability in every driving situation" promises, according to BMW. If you want a car type BMW X6 guaranteed to lie next wheel drive, excellent driving dynamics, comfort and elegance and a spacious room. And the BMW X6 offers. With the rear seats folded, the BMW X6 has a boot volume of up to 1470 liters.

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R.D. 2014-01-17

The vehicle was purchased in Germany and especially in the range of 3-5 years with an average mileage for this period (from my point of view, no reason in taking an absolutely new nowhere to go if the current money, because for those three years that my chaise drove the previous owner in Germany it has fallen in price by 55%, and the quality has remained in the same place), got individual grade (+ rare color - Azurite Black ), as well as perfect condition (thanks to german pedants), all who sit down for the first time thinks that car has max year of birth, everything is there, he would have only added to herself door closers, heated steering and active steering, everything else in stock. Before drove other cars and now can say that there is a BMW and there are all other machines, change anything else not going to be my next chaise also BMWx6, only 5.0D, - the same engine that I only instead of 2 , - 3 turbines and 381 DIESEL horses. I have to say that is considered only for diesel MOMENT decides, well, too little fuel ))).

Rebard 2014-01-30

I bought BMW x6 5.0i year ago. Front suspension rattles from the outset, warranty service certainly did not hear, though just in case changed stabilizer, stabilizer, wishbones and tho all didn't help! Any cracks in the pavement as a knock from a bucket of nails, humming air conditioning compressor and even some kind of pump, the car died on the day of the city, denied steering, adaptive drive, etc.. For year of operation car been hanging for about two months in servece. Plastic in the cabin squeaks, creaks armrest, folding mirrors with a crash, windows driver door squeaks like rusty, cracked headlights. But the warranty service is lousy! At all stations include fool engaged blatant deception. This is the worst purchase of my life! I have a great desire to return this garbage dealer and pick up the money... I don't advise BMW x6 abybody and all contact with this brand. I hope that I will win the court because I'm tired of this curse called x6.

Mickashooff 2014-01-30

Auto super! Took the car in November'11 - gasoline, 306 hp Dynamics, handling, comfort - very good. Brakes - excellent. Visibility - just okay (some getting used to). Consumption in the city - 18-19 l/100km. All in all - a great machine. BMW X6 combines the features of a sports car and crossover, while maintaining a representative respectability. The main advantages are the powerful engine of the car, economy, excellent handling and quite impressive dynamics of dispersal.
Be polite and positive!
Good luck on the road!

Edward 2014-02-04

Twice I changed pallet boxes. I don't know reason but it is flowing. For the year changed block wipers, shock absorber, fuel injectors, pen comfort access, lumbar support. It's all very expensive for BMW x6. In my opinion this is sufficient to represent the car. Second time BMW did not exactly take it! I advise only a huge fan with nerves of steel, with a bunch of dough and free time!
Appearance. Dynamics and manageability engine. Sound Cons: NOT TERRIBLE air suspension rumbles on every crack, although is't work. Many electricians who constantly buggy Crickets in winter cabin Battery lasts only constantly. All original and very expensive. Bimonthly break something important. Official service road and unskilled. IF I NOT TAKEN THE BENEFITS I WILL TAKE MERCEDES:)))

Brad 2014-02-16

It is unique ......... Able to give an unforgettable experience to each lucky enough to manage such a car ...... Suitable for all conditions, off road, city type, family, VIP meetings, and much more ...... I am impressed by his dignity and common priimuschestve among other car owners certainly in the eyes of the owner X6 gets a much higher number for all levels ..

BMW X6 3.0d AT, Coonery666 2014-02-16

Changed to a new redesigned 3-liter diesel after Gelendvagen 5,5 AMG 476 h.p.)))) After - not feel the difference from the previous monster)) consumption of 10.5 liters, the ride quickly, speaker-equal almost no (there were a lot of different devices)!! In the M-package smotritsja bold and solid! 150% satisfied! The only thing that was a little surprised-set of tires on the 20th wheels (it hard cord, allows you to go with a broken wheel to the nearest service) worth almost near 3 000$, expensive((

willy 2014-02-19

Drove BMW X6 (3.0 AT 2009's) for one year. Now I know that everyone who says that car is bad, to put it mildly, lie! Such a buzz from this machine had not received. Although had to drive on different cars. The only problem - the music is rather weak, it is necessary to change!

Bond, James Bond... 2014-02-19

Honestly, how many cars so many opinions! BMW brand itself is a matter of respect and the model X6 just a delight! X6 compare with other jeeps - fullying!! Yes, suspension is hard, yeah, a little town in the trunk da treacherous sofa for the rear seat but not in form - jeep, but rather a crossover. But buying a particular car, you have to known? WHAT DO YOU PREFER FOR YOURSELF! Comfort, composure, volume, mass or peripheral speed, drive, uniqueness and respect. Sitting behind the wheel of the BMW X6, you feel behind the wheel of the car F- 1, but in comfort! No extra informative panels, all succinctly and with style! Stiff suspension makes you at one or another time warnings not relaxing, you're on the road! In walking in the turn at speed, not roll cars even what that 0.5 % horizontal, sharp steering, behavior is predictable - movin' on rails! At a speed of 230 km/h and it is not the end, you feel confident, the machine does not float from side to side, moving steadily, quietly, without much growl of the engine, brakes active (if connected to the receptors of the brain). Oh, and speaking of the end of the roads! After listening to many opinions and not less reading for many years, I have made to a conclusion: if you want to travel in extreme off-road, buy special machines or at least prepared for a car ride, and not dependent X6 wheels help out wherever you it will not be necessary to! I never regretted that I have a legend in engineering, Active Sport Coupe - BMW X6! Yet pick up the car on its own!

Anne 2014-03-07

Before BMW X6 I have a favorite Volvo S80. But after the accident there was a question about purchasing something new. Frankly, the choice was quite simple: X5 or X6. And considering that the 6'th at that time was quite new and apparently liked me more. So, I dicided to stay on it.

To be frank it looks impressive machine: I especially like the streamlined shapes and nice red color. Of course, the "muzzle" BMW X6 will not mix with anything: there is hardly any brand that can so accurately determine from a distance. Also attracted to the vehicle size: thanks to a rather high seating position in the urban stream feel confident, evaluate the situation for several cars ahead. In general, it seems to me that the X6, as opposed to say extremely masculine Range Rover, well suited woman.

lolly (have BMW X6 3 AT) 2014-03-12

Design is good but no more of that good. constantly engaged in repair, standing more than a ride or she rides a tow truck. Repair stand on almost every week or every other week. Changed in the order of almost sure everything, including the computer on the engine, leaving only the engine and turbine and the turbine ito one whistles, say that we should be a bit later and change the operation of the engine under the same issue, no error but works intermittently. Nozzle so it's all part to be repaired or changed constantly, for example, every three months. Machine that requires huge investments and strong nerves.

noname 2014-03-12

X6 is not bad car with stability on the road. Dynamic characteristics of 3 liter version is not particularly impressive, given the high price and the 5-liter car is worth all the unreal bubble. On 3 liter especially with no one on sostyazaeshsya, 50th gone at all easy but he's really 5 liters.
Uncomfortable trunk frighteningly empty wheel, squeaks in the rear.
Finaly, I don't want buying BMW x6 again. Until ugrade at least.

authur 2014-03-14

If you have a dream, it must be realized. Fistly, I considered cheaper cars. But always wanted BMW x6. When the dream was realized and I buy X6, then at least they are above and more but change on a subconscious level to another model is not desirable. In general, the current congestion and saturation chambers to talk about any super opportunities is not necessary, just about all go the same way, if you go to the south, then we can say on par with trucks. Therefore, this model is most prestige and comfort, watched the traffic cop who turns away when passing by, more respect on the track at the fellow but at the same time a greater chance vtopit on the brakes when he wakes up any rider on the wagon and start to crawl without turns on your lane.

BMW X6 xDrive35i 2011' 2014-03-21

Great inline 6-cylinder engine which sighed through supercharging, issuing record for a 306 hp Engine inflated thanks to two small turbines, the algorithm of which is configured for the sake of economy, ecology and so-so important in this century. The setup program includes the turbine turns causing one impeller will turn almost idle and if necessary acceleration is included in the second job. The idea is very rational. Firstly, there is the elasticity of the engine, lower fuel emissions and secondly provides a very stable "shelf" of the moment almost all operating speed range.

On my cars with mileage of nearly 40 000 km, the engine has an increased appetite for oil consumption, fuel consumption is also unstable from time to time appears «check» for tidy. What are the reasons? From my experience, I repeat three times, from my experience I can say that the main reasons I see two: the quality of the fuel and the relative "strangled" turbo engine in favor of high standards for toxicity.

frzzzz546 2014-03-21

Choosing BMW X6 it should be clearly understood that the car even for a sum of money is not without flaws and features. Problem buyer just thoroughly understand their preferences in defining for themselves what you are willing to sacrifice and what for. On the role of the prestigious, cool SUV X6 driver fits well. If you still need a more versatile machine for the family, it is best to look at the X5. On the role of brisk sports lighters, more suitable "M" BMW: sedan or coupe.

secret_name 2014-04-03

It is said that German cars guzzle oil, and this maybe true but I for example, when changing the oil on a 8000 km where it devoured 200-300 grams. Read somewhere that this is done specifically by manufacturers to lubricate any part kept pace with oil in the engine under hard acceleration. I do not know how much it's true! I had previously been only Japanese cars , and it is not normal when the machine eats oil. But how many have heard that new Japanese started to eat oil.

Of ground clearance: if you buy X6 to have the advantage on what clearance from passenger cars, it is not very justified. X6 - the machine is not high, have a lead. Something which measured the clearance but right now I do not remember how many there were centimeters. But well that it does not touch on the curb)))

x6 ex-owner 2014-04-05

I'll be brief.

Handling and dynamics are very good) We can say that as a fast car!
Loved the BMW gear, very comfortable.
Exterior and interior of the vehicle.
Brakes just super, though after changing pads have deteriorated their properties.

Not very much effort on the steering wheel at low speeds too heavy.
Who would not take a BMW sport suspension, combined with low tire clearance as small bumps on the road and waves fly around the cabin, we have to hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, in dynamic driving))) Suitable Place - motorways.
Fuel consumption is not very pleased) 18-25 liters. Average fuel onboard computer showed 18 liters, provided that he considered it my use (I think) because when the battery finally died delivery!
Headlight washer cover as it turned out the disease in this model in autumn and spring, and freeze them in their use dig, but it's stuff.

one_man_339 2014-04-16

I bought BMW X6 two months ago, drove 5000 km. total car's mileage is 20,000 km. global dealer trade machine year 2008. Breakdowns of only two lower arm, due to bad roads. and I'm after a bit G55AMG podraschital strength suspension of the vehicle.

Cons. but they do not have much - dirty pants in the rain (as in X3 and X5). Stains on the threshold landing landing. Loud noise when slam the door, not very good review. that's ALL.

Pluses - unreal control in combination with a perfect comfort. machine is very positive emotions while driving. not hard if you throw ranfled and put Michelin, I had LC200 and have something to compare. Work boxes like all BMW 5 + on the highway going well, there is almost no fatigue.

A broken cars for people who are serious machines do not understand and are not technically literate , and if you give a monkey a microscope it will certainly break it.

Car for those who love cars, and does not consider them a means of transportation for the latest Lexus advise

mukhammendy 2014-04-28

have not yet acquired and did not skate, but a fan of straight magnus ..... p. I plan to change to jeeps, naturally on BMW, until I manage 5 and X6 - it finally just no words ............... "Sheer Driving Pleasure".

poor_deer 2015-05-12

Unfortunately, BMW X6 M just looks great. All that is hidden under a beautiful wrapper - junk. BMW is not the same in the late 90's and early 2000's. When I became tightly pressed the brake pedal, the official service I was told that all my fault camshaft 0_o
well, though the spotlight was not offered to wipe. Changed warranty. About the brain generally keep quiet. It feels like there is Vindovs Vista. Now see their main source of revenue is the sale of spare parts, not cars.

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