The BMW X6 M is a SUV produced since 2011 and is the top model of the X6 series dar. As a direct competitor to the BMW X6 M is against the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. In addition to a large dose of luxury in this segment, the BMW X6 M cars to inspire especially with a very powerful engine for the brand : The SUV is fueled by a burly V8 gasoline engine, which brings it to a total of 4.4 liters. By twin turbochargers, the BMW X6 M achieves a remarkable output of 555 hp. Thus equipped, the large SUV pulls off powerful, speed reached 100, the BMW X6 M after 4.7 seconds, the 200 km / h mark drops by almost 17 seconds. Thus, the SUV is a tenth of a second faster than the current Porsche 911 in this discipline ! For a 2.3-ton car, these are impressive performance. At 250 km / h, the BMW X6 M is slowed down electronically. According to factory specifications, the SUV with average 13.9 liters of premium content is 100 kilometers. Here works the Sport Automatic 6-course per consumption unless it is driven in the M-Sport mode.

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