More Cracking for the BMW X2

Lennestadt, 16. March 2018

A SUV, the new BMW X2 is Yes not really. More of a Crossover. A little flatter, a little more dynamic, certainly with the spirit of sport. That according to BMW so rebellious X2 is quite good around the corner, you realize after a few meters on the control. But, of course, is also here. At least, when it comes to the engineers of the Fahrkwerk specialists, H&R. The were once again really quickly and have now developed a new set of sport springs for the X2.

Up to 40 mm down

The new springs lower the urban Crossover by 30 or 40 mm, depending on whether the car is from the factory with or without M-sport suspension on the road. The series is moderately lower M-chassis on-Board, is the lowering of logically 30 mm. The lower center of gravity and the typical spring characteristic to make, according to H&R just in the case of fleets, load changes have a positive effect.

Wider Stand

If your X2 is not to look only deeper, but also wider, in addition to the mandatory Trak+wheel spacers. Between 22 and 50 millimeters to the wheels Hiking per axis to the outside, and are much fuller in the wheel well. The sport springs for the X2 to come with tüv and costs 283 Euro, the Trak+track panels are from 88 euros.(sw)