LEAK: Chic design study when gaining series model

Munich, 5. July 2017

At the end of September 2016 BMW pulled at the Paris auto salon the cloths of a SUV-coupe design study in a compact format, the Concept X2. Even then, it was announced that we can expect at the IAA in 2017 in Frankfurt with the presentation of the corresponding series vehicle. The car exhibition on Main is only open mid-September, closed its doors, but now the patent drawings have surfaced, leaking to all appearances, the looks of the new BMW X2 before the actual Premiere.

Design study meets series version

The images come from a Leak from the Japanese patent office and offer a clear view of the final X2 Design. The Parallels to the study are evident, however, many characteristics have been significantly reduced and weakened. The flat Silhouette with coupéartigem rear have done it, the shape of the wheel arches and C-pillar in the series. The Front and rear design, but was adapted to the current brand image of BMW. Here, the Bavarian car maker dispensed with large-scale experiments. In addition, the production version with door handles and larger rear is equipped mirrors.

Platform brother named X1

Technical Details tell us the leaked patent drawings. Since the X2 is based on the same platform as the slightly less sporty-looking, X1, can be calculated with the same drives. Means: It is Three - and four-cylinder-gasoline engine and only a four-cylinder Diesel. A choice of a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic will be also, and also whether you prefer a Front - or all-wheel drive is up to you.(ml)