BMW X2: coupe-SUV in the compact format

Munich, 25. October 2017

At least since the Paris auto salon over a year ago, it was clear that BMW will build an X2. Now we can admire the series version of former study. So much can be anticipated: not Quite as snappy as at the time of the spin-off of the X1 is not.

Shorter and flatter than a X1

Let's first take a look at the dimensions: The BMW X2 is 4,36 metres long, 1.82 metres wide and 1.53 metres high. BMW itself does not deny its kinship to the X1, for example, the wheelbase of 2.67 meters in the case of the two SUVs is the same. At the same time, the front means drive, if there is no all-wheel drive is ordered. However, the X2 is eight inches shorter and three inches shallower than a X1.

A tribute to the history

Many a viewer might feel in view of the narrow side Windows and the rear-sloping roof, from the X2 to the 1-series-BMW recalls. In fact, both separate in the length of only three inches, but the X2 is a whopping ten inches higher. As a design piece of candy there is on the C-pillar in addition to the brand's signature "Hofmeister kink", the BMW Emblem. Thus, we would like to remind you of the classic Coup├ęs of the brand such as the 2000 CS or 3.0 CSL.

Sport with X

To apply the hard facts: with regard to the Luggage compartment of the old phrase, "Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer the X2". 470 to 1.355 litres 505 to 1,550 liters are in X1. In addition to already from X1 well-known equipment lines such as M Sport, there is the X2 as the "M Sport X". Based on the rally sport, of the cultivation are kept in a gray Kontrastton. Series are also 19-inch rims and a sport suspension. Assistance systems BMW holds plenty, including a Head-up Display, traffic jam assistant and a System that curls automatically into parallel Parking spaces. Given the limited visibility in the X2 is certainly not a bad purchase.

Initially, three engines

At the market launch in March 2018, BMW is offering three engine choices for the X2. On the petrol side, the sDrive20i is available with front-wheel drive and 192 HP. Its features: Two-litre displacement, 280 Newton-metres of torque, 7.7 seconds to 100 kph and a peak of 227 km/h. The Switching operation of a dual-clutch transmission with seven gears. The classical eight-speed automatic all-wheel drive, the two of Diesel on Board, as well. Both the X2 xDrive20d, as well as the X2 xDrive25d get aggregate their power from a two liter. 190 HP and 400 Newton meters of 231 HP and 450 Newton meters. The stronger Motor is accelerated to a second, better and provides with 237 km/h 16 km/h higher top speed.

X2 with a coupe-premium

Other drive combinations for the X2 want to show BMW soon, including the 140-HP sDrive18i with a three-cylinder or the 18d with 150 HP, Front - or all-wheel drive. In Parallel, there is also a four-Wheel drive version of the 20i. With regard to the prices BMW has not commented yet. In the X1 sDrive20i costs 36.650 Euro, which is why the X2 with well-38.000 Euro.(rh)