BMW X2: The new jungle king?

Munich, 11. August 2017

Marketing can be a Religion. Especially, if you developed a car for the total hip urbanites, the a popeliger small cars for the "Urban Jungle". The speech is from the BMW X2, the brand is now in the wild Tarndesign officially by Munich has sent.

Wild Mix

Really Substantial BMW is not announced, however. Rather, the speech from the "extravagant digital Tarndesign" in Yellow, gray and Black, with the X2 dschungelt by the city. Oh, Yes: Officially, BMW is not an SUV, but a "Sports Activity coupe". Well, judge for yourself.

The similarities to the X1

As you can see, despite the war paint? The front of the X2 differs from its technical brother, the X1 by a slightly modified kidney grille and more sharply shaped headlights. The X1-length of 4.44 meters, may serve as a clue. The most striking distinguishing feature of the X2 is a lower height. To recognize good is the rear sloping roof line. It opens into a rear section that is somewhat reminiscent of the 1 series. In terms of drive there seems to be many Parallels to the X1. We expect a range from the front-wheel driven sDrive 18d with three cylinders and 150 HP to the xDrive 25i with all-wheel drive, four-cylinder and 231 HP. Finally, we know it's mid-September 2017, the BMW X2 will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show officially.(rh)