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Forgotten studies: Honda HSC

Hair, 20. December 2017 The HSC was seen by many as a potential successor to Honda's iconic, Ayrton-Senna-certified Supercar NSX. Unfortunately, we had to wait until 2016 before the second Generation of...

Now Hyundai wants to nibble on premium cakes

Offenbach, December 9, 2015 Toyota has Lexus, Nissan has Infiniti and Honda has Acura also a Nobel department. In the US and other overseas markets, the expensive daughters are successful. Therefore...

Luxury in Korean

Seoul ( South Korea ), November 5, 2015 What probably Phil Collins will say? In December 2015 Hyundai will present the first model of its new luxury brand Genesis. But the name is not, of course inspired...

Rebirth of a sports car icon

Frankfurt am Main / Detroit ( USA), January 13, 2015 Tens of years ago, that the production of the Honda NSX (Hong Kong and North America: Acura NSX ) expired. The mid-engine sports car was built from...

Mid-engine sports enthusiasts with past

Frankfurt am Main / Torrance (USA), December 18, 2014 Tens of years ago, that the production of the Honda or Acura (Hong Kong and North America ) NSX has expired. The mid-engine sports car was built from...

LA Auto Show Design Challenge 2014

Los Angeles ( USA ), 14 November 2014 For the eleventh time is ( 21 to 30 November 2014) the " Design Challenge " car show held at this year's Los Angeles. The organizers have called auto - design studios...

Tradition: 25 years Lexus and Infiniti Attack on the Star Fleet

Attack on the Star Fleet They should be the best cars in the world. Perfect luxury sedans who taught all premium manufacturer of Cadillac on Mercedes-Benz to Rolls-Royce to fear. In fact, Lexus and Infiniti...