Luxury in Korean

Seoul ( South Korea ), November 5, 2015

What probably Phil Collins will say? In December 2015 Hyundai will present the first model of its new luxury brand Genesis. But the name is not, of course inspired by the legendary pop group. Rather, Koreans tend to think of the creation story from the Bible. That makes sense, because until 2020, Genesis should be able to compete with the well-known luxury brands.

Independent G-spot

This Hyundai is pursuing a similar path as many years ago with Toyota Lexus, Nissan Infiniti and the US Honda with Acura. Curiosities Detail: The Genesis models get a model number with the letter G followed by a number for each segment, ie G90, G80 and so on. Infiniti had earlier welcomed vehicles in the program, the G20 and G35. Emphasized to the fact that Genesis will be an independent brand in the Hyundai Group.

Targeting US

In the prevail of phrases notice some sentences stand out. So is the model program of Genesis to dispense with the technology overkill of competitors, instead of the customer without trouble may be on the road. The target direction is clearly defined: First, the Genesis brand launches in North America, China, Korea and the Middle East. Especially the customers in the United States attaches great importance no major Toyota, Nissan or Hyundai to go, but one of them stepped brand. Simultaneously, the brand prestige is not so very crucial, but the price and reliability. This is proved by the very good sales figures of Lexus, Infiniti and Acura in the US. Taking American and German luxury brands to the local sales is almost 1.9 million vehicles per year. No wonder that Hyundai Genesis respectively of this cake abhaben want something.

Later in Europe

And what about Europe? Also in this market should come Genesis, but only with a complete model range. Therefore, we will have to wait. By 2020, there will be six new vehicles of Genesis. The design draws from mid-2016 the former Lamborghini and Seat designer Luc Donckerwolke responsible. He is head of a " Prestige Design Division ", which is the chief designer of the Hyundai Group, Peter Schreyer assumed. A foretaste of the Genesis models there was in August 2015, the study " Vision G ", which was unveiled at Pebble Beach ( USA ). It was a large coupe with a five-liter V8 and 420 hp. In Germany, the Hyundai Genesis has been offered since 2014, a five-meter-long sedan with 315 hp . ( rh )