Acura presents NSX GT3 Evo

Acura has a revised version of its GT3 racer was presented, a car that now as the NSX GT3 Evo goes through life.

Recently schaafden Honda and zustermerk Acura the NSX at the detail level and now it is also the GT3 version of that hybrid retractor muscle can modernised. This now NSX GT3 Evo doped race car, so not straatlegaal is, inter alia, the availability of new remmerij and new turbo's. Acura promises that not only his race car with that new turbo's closer to the throttle response, but also that fuel consumption is more favourable to fail.

Further cuts Acura the carriage of the NSX GT3 fine. The GT3 Evo would be thanks to the revisions, at high speed, less wind resistance, encounter, and the custom aerodynamics should also result in that the technology is better cooled. The delivery of the Acura NSX GT3 Evo comes out next year.