Rebirth of a sports car icon

Frankfurt am Main / Detroit ( USA), January 13, 2015

Tens of years ago, that the production of the Honda NSX (Hong Kong and North America: Acura NSX ) expired. The mid-engine sports car was built from 1990 to 2005, is considered in more ways than a technology pioneer: it consisted largely of aluminum, had a fully electronic power steering, electronically controlled throttle. The V6 engine with titanium connecting rods and platinum spark plugs rotates up to 8,000 revolutions per minute, and developed a maximum power of 280 hp. And now, 25 years after the debut of the first NSX, Acura has unveiled the 2015 series model of the successor at the Detroit Motor Show ( January 12 to 25 ).

The sports - hybrid powertrain

Since a full disclosure of all technical data would have been too much of a good thing, Acura advances continue piece by piece some information out. So now the next bite the powertrain, the hybrid - drive sports: The heart of the new NSX is a new 75-degree DOHC V6 twin turbo mid-engine, which was mounted longitudinally. The gear changes on a new nine-speed dual-clutch transmission. Between the transmission and engine, the rear electric motor sits with direct drive. It supports acceleration, braking and during switching operations. The front wheels of the NSX driven by an independent electric twin engine. In addition, the NSX uses the front electric motors for a dynamic " torque vectoring ". How much power developed the all-wheel - drive system and leads to what performance this power has not yet been announced.

Lightweight body materials with mix

The new body aims to build on the progress legacy of its predecessor. The multi-material body has an inner aluminum frame, ultra-strength steel and other light materials. Anchored this is a carbon fiber floor. The body parts themselves consist of a combination of aluminum and a Fibre-reinforced plastic. Moreover, the lightweight automobiles has a spring system made of aluminum and a carbon ceramic brake system in order to keep the unsprung mass to a minimum.

" Interwoven dynamic design "

The outer skin is a mix of new sports car and the tribute to the previous icon associated with functional design. Thus, for example, lead the NSX-typical side air intakes, including C-pillars to the mid-engine air and direct airflow over the rear to increase downforce. The low and broad proportions were taken over from its predecessor, the aggressive front and rear lights come from nearly identical featured in the 2013 concept car. To accommodate the new twin-turbo V6 and the nine-speed automatic, the production model, however, was extended by 80 millimeters and widened by 25 millimeters. In addition, the cab against the concept is a little moved toward the vehicle front.

Connection of driver and vehicle

The interior of the new NSX will be primarily focused on the driver, said Jonathan Norman, project manager for the NSX interior design. Orders can Acura contrary from the summer of 2015. Delivery of the first vehicles will also begin in 2015. What will they cost, it is not yet known. (ml)