Forgotten studies: Honda HSC

Hair, 20. December 2017

The HSC was seen by many as a potential successor to Honda's iconic, Ayrton-Senna-certified Supercar NSX. Unfortunately, we had to wait until 2016 before the second Generation of the legendary mid-engine athlete came on the market. For Honda, the ultra – slim, super-sleek study never more than what she was-a study.

The NSX had to successor to be

The at the Tokyo Motor Show 2003 presented a Concept Car was quite attractive. Prior to now 14 years since the first NSX Generation was in the minds of the people is still very much present. For good reason, it was the assumption that the HSC would be a pretty good foretaste of the successor to the NSX. Until about 2006, the trade press was expecting that from the HSC (Honda Sports Concept) something production-ready that could arise, but Honda knew it from the beginning to better.

Lightweight and cool technology

What relates to Design and construction, was riding the Honda HSC is a technological tour de force. Not a few recognized him to be a shot of a Ferrari Enzo. From today's perspective, we would rather say: His tail looks like a Mix of 70s Italo athletes and lots of Corvette. Its LED rear lights had a swanky 3D pattern and instead of conventional side mirrors, there were cameras. The dashing, sinewy body was largely made of Carbon and tensioned to a frame made of aluminum. It is a double gave wishbone suspension, Brembo brakes and for the time almost monumental wheels (front 19, rear 20 inch). In the middle of the HSC a naturally Aspirated 3.5-Liter V6 with more than 300 HP, which sent his sweet sounds on two wedge-shaped exhaust tailpipes in the environment put.

Even today very quickly

Less purist, the Situation in terms of gear. After all, where a manual transmission enthusiasts expected, they found a six speed automatic with steering wheel paddles, the Honda "approach, smooth gear changing" attested to. With a sprint time of 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 300 km/h, the HSC was a true beast. Even by today's standards he would still be very fast.

Successor until 2016

Four years after the presentation of the HSC Honda put the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept (you can see also in our gallery). In 2012, it finally showed at the Detroit Auto Show, the Acura NSX Concept, 2016 finally, the long-awaited successor to the legendary original Honda NSX was. The current model is familiar to a mid-engine, but is otherwise very own way. The 3.5-Liter twin-turbo V6 in the rear, is supported by a total of three electric motors. The at least 180,000 euros expensive car has a Torque-Vectoring all-wheel drive and a system output of 581 HP.(sw)