'Lexus is considering in China to build'

Toyota would consider to be cars of the brand Lexus to build in China. Previously wanted the Japanese not because of concerns about the quality, but in the meantime, would that fear into the background disappeared.

In 2014 let Lexus know that it won't be in China would build on. Thus momentum of the brand a distinctly different course than virtually any other brand on the Chinese market, because of the high import tariffs is very difficult to be successful and to be profitable in China without a factory in the country. Lexus suggested at the time, however, that no risks could be walking in the area of quality, because high quality just for Lexus would be important and the brand has no reputation in China in this area.

Now are the cards there what else for, if we, the insiders may believe that opposite Reuters have spoken about the subject. Parent company Toyota would have with the Chinese partners in Guangzhou and FAW have talked about any Lexus production in China. If possible reason is, however, also the relaxation of the rules in the field of fully foreign-owned, because foreign automotive companies could allow to on their own to operate. Now is still a joint-venture with a Chinese automaker mandatory. The easiest way to be under that joint venture arrangement is currently building pure electric cars, which Tesla the dance originates. Therein we find the second reason to believe that Lexus Chinese production considering, because the brand works as well as most of the competitors to fully electric vehicles.

Opponents of the Chinese Lexus production have, however, also a good argument in the hands, since middle of this year, the Chinese government importtarief on cars will be reduced from 25 to 15 percent. This is the introduction from Japan again a bit more attractive. Toyota itself denies now plan to to cars by Lexus in China to produce, already quit the brand not matter. Under the Toyota brand name, produces the immense Japanese group, incidentally, already on Chinese territory. Lexus continues with a total sale of 132.900 cars in 2017 is firmly behind the local producing German competition in China, but it is the best-selling Japanese luxury brand. The competition from the home country comes from Infiniti, and Acura, Honda's luxepaardje.