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After the Wolfsburg VW Caddy sent the brother with big names as pure VW Amarok pick-up on the road and thus completed its model range with commercial vehicles. Volkswagen wants to break 200 with the VW Amarok the quasi monopoly Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and Mitsubishi L and establish itself in particular in the North / South American market and with the pick-up cars. Right there, the VW Amarok is also produced since 2010 and sold in Europe since the early summer of 2010. As the engine two TDI common-rail diesel engines with four cylinders and 2.0 liters for the VW Amarok will be offered, which make 122 and 163 hp (BiTDI). Optionally, both versions of the VW Amarok as a new car can also be combined with 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The front of the VW Amarok shows the uniform model face of VW Golf and Co. and offers the passenger compartment of a double cabin. Inside, there is the typical VW design - quickly makes you feel at home in the VW Amarok. Particularly in forestry can make the pick-up good services and also in agriculture you will appreciate the open bed of the VW Amarok quickly. Is new since the summer of 2011, the VW Amarok Single Cab driver's cab is reduced to two seats, but daf ÜR offers a big plus in bed.

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Hannover, 16. April 2018 The VW Amarok is now also available with a 258-HP Version of the 3.0 TDI. Thus, the Pick-up in four different capacity variants of the V6 diesel engine are available: 163, 204...

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Hannover, August 2, 2016 The new VW Amarok is now available. Proudly, the manufacturer describes him as premium-pick-up. The car of a V6 diesel powered as single pick-up on the German market. This is from...

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Bad Kissingen, Germany, May 30, 2016 On the "adventure & Allrad" (26 to 29 may 2016) presented 15 manufacturers in the community tent by VW Nutzfahrzeuge their conversion solutions on the basis of...

Engine update VW Amarok gets V6

VW Amarok gets V6 Volkswagen will in the future as Premiumfahrzeug market in the segment the Amarok. So the pick-up receives a 165 kW / 224 HP strong 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel and a significantly upgraded...

New six-cylinder in the VW pick up

Hanover, may 2, 2016 The VW Amarok is the flagship loads donkey from the portfolio of Volkswagen commercial vehicles. The car-like pick-up the heart of craftsmen, hunters, pick up fans and many others...

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Tirana ( Albania), April 2, 2015 " Wow, single cabin, well you're tough guys ", the off-road experts say around us, as I go with colleague Yves in our VW Amarok Single Cab. So all I am not sure what that...