Volvo V50 FlexiFuel

Since mid-2007 for the Volvo V50 (wagon) a flexi variant in the model program. The Volvo V50 is equipped with a flexi 125-hp 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, which with bio - ethanol (E85) can be operated. E85 consists of 85% vegetable-based ethanol (alcohol) and 15 % petrol. Thus, the CO2 emissions in the Volvo V50 flexi should be reduced by 80 % compared to pure gasoline operation. Of course, E85 / gasoline can also be operated by the Swedish combined with pure gasoline or any mixture ratio. In the equipment, the Volvo V50 flexi does not differ from the other models. He also has an extensive safety package. In 2006 was the best-selling Volvo V50 Estate in Germany. Alternatively, the 1.8-liter flexi-fuel variant is also available in the Volvo S40 and C30. In this website you will find a new or used station wagon, four-wheel - drive or diesel engine.

Volvo V50 FlexiFuel photos