Often risk of residual alcohol to be underestimated:

Munich, 6. February 2018

The risk of residual alcohol in the blood is still underrated and often. Just for the carnival time, the risk is great that the blood-Alcohol level in the blood is in the morning, still too high to set the tax. Those who drink, for example, until midnight, alcohol and 1.5 parts per thousand in the blood, is not allowed to travel on the next Morning, the car.

Imprisonment in the case of snake-line travel possible

How do we get it? Now, the body--builds depending on the individual Constitution--per hour of about 0.1 ppm. At nine o'clock in the morning, the BAC would be of value, then, in purely mathematical terms, at about 0.6 ppm. Too much to be allowed to drive a car. Who leads with 0.5 per Mille or more, a motor vehicle, you must ban with a fine of over 500 euros a month driving and two points in Flensburg expect. To do this, you do not need to put "alcohol-related abnormalities", such as queue lines on the day. Who-related such alcohol driving caught manoeuvres, it must already be expected from the 0.3 per mil of alcohol in the blood by a fine or imprisonment, points and loss of license.

Coffee helps drink

However, the Figures mentioned are only rules of Thumb. The exact alcohol content in the blood is not easy to calculate. Because factors, such as the stomach filling at the time of alcohol intake, as well as the individual's physical conditions play a role. In addition, medications can affect the removal of the alcohol or critical interactions trigger. Alcohol removal accelerator or there is not wonder drug. Also, coffee drinking, sweating or sleeping helps to let the Alcohol level faster decline.

Cyclists commit from 1.6 per thousand is a criminal Offense

"Zero per thousand" for novice drivers in the probationary period or before the age of 21. Year of life. For cyclists, the case law has established the absolute unfitness to drive at 1.6 per thousand. A cyclist reaches this value and is part of the road, he commits a criminal Offence. The automobile club, the ADAC advises all car drivers to use in case of doubt, also the next day, public transport or a Taxi.

Beware of parades and masquerades

Additional obligations and prohibitions for kaneval time of the automobile club of Germany, AvD carefully. Thus, inhabitants of the Carnival should be strongholds of your car on roads Parking, which can be used for removals. Announcements are compulsory for the regulatory authorities, but the minimum period is only 48 hours. Who parks the car on Saturday evening and nothing to care about, can be on Monday evening towed. You should also only sleeps masked to the tax. Taboo is to make himself unrecognizable to his field of view restrict eye patches or face masks are prohibited for drivers.(sl)