Aston-Martin Rapide

The announced back in 2006 sports car for the whole family, the Aston Martin Rapide, experienced its launch in 2009. Thus, the sports car manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria is in competition for the Porsche Panamera, which like the Aston Martin Rapide is sent as a 4-door on the road and can accommodate four passengers. By design, the Aston Martin Rapide offers no great surprise, he is inspired by his brothers DB9 and the Vanquish, which promotes a unified brand image of Aston Martin. Athletic coach is the engine of the family : The Aston Martin Rapide gets its power from a V12 engine with 6.0 liter displacement. Thus developed the sporty four-door 470 hp and accelerates its occupants in 5.5 seconds to 100 End of the story is for the noble Englishman only at 288 km / h. The interior of the Aston Martin Rapide is decorated with fine leather and most beautiful wood, just like Aston Martin. Also the trunk with 445 liters can be quite see volume for the trip, which can be expanded by tilting the rear seats to 1263 liters. In autumn 2012, the new sports car was first revised : Minor changes to the front and the headlights, a new rear bumper modified along with slight modifications to the rear wing and V12 gasoline engine (optimize fuel consumption) are the auffallensten changes in the Aston Martin Rapide. In the spring of 2013, the Panamera was taken to the ground with the Aston Martin Rapide S to oppose a proper sports car. In this version of the Aston Martin makes 510 hp from the V12 and thus can continue seamlessly the Zuffenhausen. In this website you will find suitable sports car 's car or cars - for the "normal " purse eg