Porsche Panamera Hybrid

The Porsche Panamera Hybrid is a sports car with the character of a luxury sedan and can be purchased since 2011 also in this hybrid version as a new car. Currently, the Porsche Panamera Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient vehicle for luxury cars and provide its competitors such as the Lexus 450h or Mercedes-Benz S 400 h in the shade. Despite a system output of 380 hp in the Porsche Panamera hybrid, the sports car is content with an average of 7.1 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers, thus forming almost else in the values ​​of the middle class to BMW 5 Series and VW Passat are achieved. The Porsche Panamera Hybrid can also go powerfully works : The top speed of the luxury saloon is 270 km / h the standard sprint creates the Porsche Panamera hybrid in 6 seconds. About the batteries, the sports car can also be driven purely electrically over a distance of 2 kilometers, ideal for stop-and-go traffic in the city. If necessary, can be achieved by the electric motor a speed of 85 km / h. Through the combination of electric motor and gasoline engine, the Porsche Panamera Hybrid can so far only be equipped with an 8 - speed automatic transmission.