Ford Focus ST #6

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Hyundai tests mega-i30

Offenbach, 25 may 2016 Hyundai is serious with his first real compact sports car. And confidence it does not seem to lack the Koreans. Different is hard to explain the following: Hyundai has namely solemnly...

Lion clawing for Golf GTI

Saarbr├╝cken, June 19, 2015 Since the first VW Golf GTI which at that time still sparse compact class has stirred up, honing the competition at opponents. Over the years, quite a lot have come together...

Compact Ford moves towards Asphalt

Lennestadt, April 30, 2015 Since the end of 2014, the Ford Focus ST makes first order as diesel. The two-liter four-cylinder makes 185 hp and 400 Nm of maximum torque for sporty performance. In 8.1 seconds...

Combined golf with 184- hp diesel

Wolfsburg, 28 January 2015 The abbreviation stands for GTD VW for " Gran Turismo Diesel" and connects since 1982, first placed on the Golf II, sporty and fuel-efficient driving. Now, the three letters...

GTI - fright by Ford

Cologne, October 31, 2014 For twelve years makes the Ford Focus ST hunt for the VW Golf GTI. Now the sporty compact was sent analogous to the remaining series for lifting. But not enough: A new diesel...

Driving Report - Seat Leon Cupra 280 Sporty model student

Sporty model student He is the most powerful production SEAT ever. Above all, sprints up to 280 PS Leon Cupra developing either as a coupe or as a compact five-door in its class all rivals on and away...